New years day ride in TEXAS


Here is small bit of Texas unicycle video. Its pretty rough still, (the video)… We are kinda new to the sport…

Here is a video link


Nice vid. I like the no footed thing you got goin on;) . Looks like you guys are making progress, so keep up the good work.

Way cool! Your right Steve. It doesn’t seem as steep, the drops don’t look as high either. Funny how that stuff doesn’t translate to film. Thanks for putting that together. Good editing AND choice of music.

Speaking of Texas unicyclist. Where is everybody, I heard that Austin had a bunch, and Houston / Dallas should be packed. If anyone wants to make a road trip or has a good place to ride, I got a free place to stay, or can scrape up a full tank of gas! We have a group in SAN ANTONIO, that is growing like crazy, with a couple new riders every month, we might even need a mini-van to fit us all in… or a small yellow bus anyway! If your not SKEERED…lets ride

Houston is not packed with unicyclists. We have lots of concrete, and I’ve found several trails, but no mountain unicyclists.

I have to travel to San Antonio and/or Austin to ride with my own.

I am over due for a muni trip.

Put something together and let me know, or perhaps we could meet somewhere in the middle?

Jerry (from Houston).

Theres a group of us in dallas/ fort worth that are into muni and street/ trials riding. If you want to plan anything send me a PM.


Looks like fun. I wish I could have ridden there with you guys, but the situation did not allow it.
Yes we need to get a group ride together, and YES Jerry you are overdue for a visit. The drunks up the street are ready for another show. :smiley:


There are plenty of trails halfway. Warda for instance would be a good challenge. Rockyhill ranch in Kerville. Check for some nice options.I look forward to meeting y’all.

Jeff, did you bump your head in Bandera?:smiley:

RockyHill is near Smithville, Kelley Creek is near Kerrville;)
Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort just re-opened today for riding :slight_smile:

BTW, I really enjoyed what little bit of riding I got to do with ya’ll before I had to cut out.

Hello Texans,

I have to make a correction. Rockyhill Ranch is not in Kerrville. It’s in Smithville near Bastrop. There is some ranch near Kerrville, but I’ve never been there.

Anytime you SanAntonians want to come to Austin let us know. We’ll show you a good time.

You too Jerry.


If a good time was placed on a scale between 1 and 6, the time we’d show you would be a 5 and a half. (Jerry and Scott please make that sound funnier - I know you can)

I just remembered…

If a good time was placed on a scale between 1 and 10, 6 being the best time, we’d show you a 5 and a half.

Happy New Year!

Now that we have shown the rest of the world how “topographically challenged” we are in the state of Texas, I dont feel so bad about being lost all the time.

I wish everyone could have seen Krash’nKenny ride in the video, but he had to leave early…Takes us Texans a while to get someplace ya know! If you havent seen Kenny ride, He is FANTASTIC, and a big reason that SA is blowing up on the UNI map of Texas.

On another note, I had the HUGE pleasure of visiting Scott Wallis at his shop. The best description of his products is WOW. This is a San Antonian who is designing and building some INCREDIBLE uni parts(seats, handle,brakes, ETC.) If you need parts, help keep this Texan in business, and give Scott a call.
(Dont kill me if you never sleep Scott!) Sorry had to Brag on ya!

OK, smart guys… I am 205LBS. on a 2 foot drop, with minimal roll out, how much weight (plus or minus a buch) am I putting on the pedals when I land? … I keep bending things

Further clarifications: :slight_smile:
Bluff Creek Ranch is in Warda.
Flat Rock opens Saturday according to the website.
There are many ranches near Kerrville but only cows are allowed to use the trails on most of them. There is a pay to ride place in Kerrville but I have not been there.
I really want to go to Comfort again soon.

Eric, I better avoid a 5.5 good time, because anything above an 8 is dangerous for me.

Steve, thanks for the good words about my products. I hope to get the production running soon. Many late nights have gone into it.
And yes Kenny has done a great job of getting more mountainbikers to take up muni. He has been much more successful at that than I. I must make it look hard. :roll_eyes:


What can i say. Direction is not a gift of mine. Thats why I prefer singletrack.

Maybe the Mt. Bikers dont like you because you climb better than they do, and they like Kenny cause they can keep up with him…barely

Im working on a new stunt. I want to do a backflip on a uni…on dirt. Stay tuned for my first attempt this wekend, and yes, I will video it… I am a visionairy

Re: New years day ride in TEXAS

On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 21:20:58 -0600, “onefiftyfour” wrote:

> a scale between 1 and 10, 6 being the best

That’s a funny scale.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

Today (4 January) is the first day this year that is neither the first day this year nor the first day this year that is not the first day this year nor the first day this year that is neither the first day this year nor the first day this year that is
not the first day this year.

Ya’ll will have to forgive steveOwe’s enthusiasm, I am NOT a FANTASTIC rider, I would consider myself just average for an “old man”:smiley: He hasn’t gotten a chance to see some of the really good uncyclists in person (except Scott) and his views are somewhat twisted :roll_eyes:
Jimmy (the landowner) opened Flat Rock Ranch earlier than normal this year :smiley: The “pay to ride place” near Kerrville is Kelly CreeK Ranch in Ingram and it’s like Comfort on steroids!!! :astonished:


Anyone thats 56 years old and riding as hard as you do is entitled to “FANTASTIC” status. Yes, your right, I have not seen the best, but all these young hotshots on the NET, are 16-30 or so, wait till they feel the pain at 56, and see what level they ride at. You have any BUTT pads for my backflip?

I’m 52, not 56 (even though I look 60) :angry: , but thanks for the compliment anyway:)

I’ve ridden (part of) Warda with Scott, Eric, Aj, Kenny and Doug.
We need to ride Rocky Hill, which is near Smithville. It’s longer and has “the wall”, which I’ll bet no one is able to climb on a muni. It’s closer to Austin and Houston than San Antonio.

Perhaps it’s time for another “South Western Regional National Unicycle Event of Texas”? On a scale from 1 to 10, with 6 being best, Texas events rate a solid 2*pie rounded to 7 significant digits.

I’ve seen Kenny crash, and he does make it look easy. But Scot has the ability to allow the observer feel his pain.

Keep me posted…