New Year's Day 2005 Ride

I can’t sing, but here goes anyway . . .

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the ride will be delightful
Since there’s not too much snow
You should go
You should go
You should go

The Third Annual New Year’s Day Unicycle Ride!

Location: Somewhere in St. Paul or Minneapolis, depending on routes open

Time: Sometime on New Year’s Day, 1-1-05

Fun people!
Vigorous outdoor exercise!
The perfect opportunity to brag about your uni-related Christmas gifts to people who might care!

There’s bound to be warmth, hot cocoa, and cookies involved in this activity at some point too.

So, put on your long underwear, get out your snow tire, and join us!

For details, e-mail me at unicyclecentral at hotmail dot com.

Happy new year!



A New Years Day ride hosted by you could only be the most formal, elegant affair. I’m sorry I will be in a more “tropical” environment at that time. You misprinted your e-mail which I think should read “unicycleeccentric” rather than “unicyclecentral” but I could be wrong. Take whatever fools show up in foul weather gear on the ride of their lives.


If you change your mind, and you should, join us.

You’re not chicken, are you? Weren’t you the one who was afraid of the roller coaster at the Mall of America? Or was that Drummond? You two look so much alike, I get you confused.

New Year’s Day! See you then.

Unicycle Eccentric

I’m the tall, extremely attractive, modest, powerfully built one with chiseled features, greek god-like flowing hair, and beautiful disposition who is loved by all and featured on T-shirts and temporary tatoos worldwide. Drummond is the frumpy, grumpy one who is afraid of his own shadow and is mean to everyone. Unless you mean Amy. Then I lose in all categories, hands down.

I’m just trying to keep your thread alive, Carol. Who’s going to ride in Minneapolis on New Years Day? Doesn’t it rain liquid nitrogen there this time of year?

I’d hate to sound stupid but where’s Minneapolis?

You don’t sound stupid. It’s not in your country. It’s in the state of Minnesota, USA, just across the Mississippi River from Minnesota’s capital, St. Paul.

that’s what I though…too far for Owen…

Well, actually, Minneapolis is on both sides of the Mississippi. So is St. Paul.


See, Murde Mental. It’s in MY country, I’ve actually BEEN there, and I STILL don’t know jack about it. I don’t feel stupid though. I KNOW I’m stupid.

Oh, I don’t think I knew until I was 20 or so… when I went to the U which was on both sides of the river, yet still all in Minneapolis.

Here in Spain we have a popular race the last day of the year!!

It is called “San Silvestre” and of course we are going by unicycle!! There are lots of San Silverstres along the country so almost every unicyclist would go.

You can see the web page of the San Silvestre of Madrid:

There is better way to end the year???

                   Pepe, Monociclos.Com

PD: Gilby please activate my gallery account or tell me what to do whit the unicycle pics I want to upload :frowning:

The New Year’s Day ride in St. Paul was a great success with 10 riders going varying distances before the skies opened up and liquid nitrogen (aka freezing rain) hit.

It was about 19 degrees with a cold wind, but the great people in this picture, including the really tall guy in the back row, made it all bearable.

Can’t wait for next year!


107_0776_1new year's 2005.jpg

Ha, a bear and bearable! Nice pun. Looks mega fun. I can’t wait till I can start doing fun little get togethers like that.

Carol, is that you in the bear suit, or Harper?
Is that a sliver of Max that can be seen standing next to his dad?

It was cold here New Years day as well. I had to ride with a shirt as the temperature only hit 73 (F).

I’ve heard Harper is so stupid he thinks he knows what he doesn’t know, but I don’t know. I’m not the brightest bulb in the set, but at least I no longer use cottered cranks.

Glad you had a good ride,
Happy New Year,

It would have been great to ride in Reno or Texas, but alas, we’re stuck with the frozen north.

Yes, it’s me in the bear suit. I look better than usual, don’t you think?

Harper? He’s the one in the chicken suit, hiding behind the sign.

Max was home sleeping, sensible guy that he is.

No one got frostbite on this ride, even though I was the only one smart enough to wear a fur coat.