New XL 4x4 661 knee-shin guards, new in box

Pics upon request, they’re just these in packaging

They’re around $45 new, so I would say $35 + shipping sounds fair.

That or if anyone has a slightly used pair or new of a large pair, perhaps we could trade.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Post here or PM if interested :slight_smile:

bump, still for sale, $30 + shipping now, brand new, still in packaging.

pm sent


r these still up 4 sale or no?

I’m 6’3"… would XL size fit me?

Leg Armor


I will purchase your 661 Unicycle Leg Armor if they are still available.



Wow um, this thread is well over 2 years old, so its highly unlikely that he has these.

Just thought I would try…maybe he has some more