New world record...

I’m gonna quote my close friend Shaun J here…
“back it up or slack it up”
if you know you can do it then fine, but whats the point in telling people on a forum that you can do it and having nothing else to show for it.
we didnt post a thread last week saying that we were going to beat the world record, but we knew that either pete or joe were going to. simple.

dude, what the heck, I posted the video, where is your video? and if you had any ingenuity then you could figure out how big that jump is almost exactly
hint: my wheel is 20.5"
I wasn’t trying to make this an argument.

Which one are you talking about? There is the parking lot gap where you are like a mile away from the camera and some other ones not on flat.

What do you want a video of? I can go film me gapping a 2.5m gap which I’m sure i could easily make look 3m on film. I can’t do 2.5m in official settings (between two sticks IUF method) and so i’m not going to make any claims of such feats. Video means nothing untill you can have someone confirm whats actually been filmed. Do you understand yet?

yeah, i get what you’re saying…

i KNOW im not good, the only thing i have going for me is long hops. I absolutely suck at everything else (including acid drops/cavemen).

the very first one on the video… i know it has a little drop, lets unthreadjack this thread, and celebrate the new world record now :slight_smile:

Thats what we were up to on Sunday when we posted this thread, unaware that Peter Bier had already posted about it. I guess we should avoid making new threads whilst doing tequila shots.

Hah regularly you say the things I think. Big ups for that.

did someone say bike trials?

skin suits ftw