New world record...

Oi oi oi. Jus thought I would let you all know that we have smashed the world record for long jump at the New Zealand Unicycle Championships at Auckland over this weekend. (NZ) sponsored rider Peter van Boekhout (Munimanpete) has set the record long jump of 2.8m under official settings on saturday the 21st of October.
Full results of the weekend to be posted later this week when we get the time, still celebrating a wicked weekend. Woot woot clear the chute.

There was already a thread about this.

We’re celebraing dude. There was already a video about crankflips.It is 4am and we’re on the tequila so buzz off.
ps. Who posted about it and can you point me point me in the direction of the thread…

found it. so hard to keep up with rsu. sorry shaun for not reading every page of threads posted in the last two - three days.

Congrats on the record, and on the funniest thing I’ve read in a while :smiley:

two metes that like 9 feet right


Go the Muzz H Mutilator


Stick that in your pipe and flip it, Johanneson.

Hehe, all your comments gave me a nice chuckle. =p

9.18 feet is incredable. Only if we can do that from static hops. Then we could gap like bike trials. THat would show them! muwahah! =p

They still got us on height though…

is there a video??? any chance??

id love to see it:D

Yup, there should be a video surfacing soon, hopefully today… many people filmed the competitions.

No worries about not reading. Of course reading can be shortened with search. But no worries.

-Shaun Johanneson

Why is everyone hating on shaun for making a crankflip tutorial?

isn’t the record 2.86?
i can do better, thats close to 9’2", in my (thread) there are 2 jumps that are farther than that (one 9’ 6-8", and the other over 10 feet)

Link to small video… the jumps are both at the beginning and end

I think you missed the most important point. It must be done in official settings, by IUF rules.

I never have the chance at those conditions. … i could probably get in guiness tho … you need a video, and witnesses (I forget how many), and something else i forget what, but its reasonable. I’m going to wait until I’m jumping like a foot farther.

congratulations :slight_smile:

Thats not the point. How do we know your measuring was accurate? It might be bigger, but until its official, it won’t be counted.


im not asking for it to be counted, thats up to me to find the conditions I need, im just saying that there are others out there who MAY be able to match or even beat it.

no hard feelings… but ur not as good as u think u are…

Skrobo edited his post. Thats for people to know I wasn’t being harsh. It changed.

HAHA, you own.