New World Record

Moritz Hahn from Bottrop/Germany has broken the Longjump World Record!

At the last weekend we had the German championchip.
Moritz jump over a distance from 2,60m.
Here you can find the results.

Half hour before by the same German championship DC6 in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen/Germany
has David Weichenberger ( Einradfreak ) RVE Untergrombach from Untergrombach/Austria
the Longjump World Record broken with 2,55 m.

Dear God!

2.60 metres? Omg that’s insane!!! i can barely jump 1 meter… then agian i guess i’m not that good lol.

2.60 m ??

…are you kidding…??..I can make it far beyond 2.60m…!!
I’m not telling my record! won’t believe it.!


ok, i could be wrong, my metric ain’t too good, but isn’t 3m the height of a standard high dive? if so, dang, mad crazy props to that guy! :astonished:

Not sure if you may have misunderstood. Your reply suggests you may think this was a vertical hop. Yes, 2.6 metres is about as high as you can reach stood on tiptoe. But this was a HORIZONTAL jump. Still damned good of course, but not a high jump.


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By the way, the unnofficial record is 2.87. Set by some one in australia or New Zealand.


i think you mixed up metric with impirial because i dought you could jump far beyond 2.6m (8’8")

Yeah that was Joe from Wellington NZ it was a huuuge jump…

Also note Joe’s 2.87m jump was 2.87 metres over a gap, rather than the usual competition method of trying to clear a distance defined by two sticks. It is good to compare apples with apples…

I am looking forward to this year’s NZ unicycling nationals where I hope to see both Joe Dyson and Pete Van Boekhout break the current world record.

Is there any world unicycling record book, or a web site?

there are all world unicycling records, but it’s in german …

I think he miss the link,
or .

Google can translate it, but not very well

it changes Zack and Kris’ names

go joe vs pete

yes, as am i. not only that, but the NZ Uni Nat’s will be the best one to date (go auckland, woot).
on a side note: what are the exact conditions required for a long jump record such as this to become a world record?

nice job, i measured to see how far 2.6m was the other day and its like freakyish long to jump a on a uni

i would have trouble jumping 2.6m, without the uni

you must be either really unco or have a really bad technique for jumping