New World Record!

I set the new Guiness World Record unicycle grind yesterday :slight_smile:

check out the video! 34’ 3.4" grind

Damn that was one mother f*cking long grind! Must be cool to say that you are the official world champ :stuck_out_tongue:

But I will say that I do think this wouldn’t be so hard to break for guys like Chris Huriwai, but still good job dude! :smiley:

Yeah, I’m definitely not claiming to be better than those guys, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make this official!
The old record always bothered me, a 9ft grind doesn’t sound too remarkable. Just trying to make our sport sound more impressive to outsiders! :wink:

Impressive grind for sure! Good job! :smiley:

hmm wasnt the 9ft record on an actual handrail though? theres a big difference

yeah i believe so, biggest grind of all time goes to Max. It was a legit rail with stairs and it was normal height.

But dood you should make that thing SUPER long like 100 foot or and then that would be super sick.


Good job! That was an incredibly long grind!

i think i just pooed a lil :astonished:

Dude thats cool :smiley: Looks like heaps of fun, where the heck did you get the rail from?? Soooo jelous. Go backfoot!

Dope rail, that looks like it’d be soo fun to play around on. Really good job on the record! I agree, when Alex Toms (I think) set it he really didn’t have a good rail to set the record with. I mean it’s a legit handrail and everything but for longest possible grind a low flat rail like yours is ideal. :slight_smile:

Here’s the old world record :slight_smile:

I agree that that one is a crazier set up, but the record is for the longest rail, not the gnarliest!
Sure, there are harder rails, but part of the record is based on taking the initiative to make a ridiculously long rail and see how far is possible.
I built the rail myself! Its just two 20ft long pieces of 3"x3" angle welded onto legs and bolted together :smiley:

haha oosh… that rail looks like so much fun!!

Great. Thanks for sharing.