New world record on highjump

This last weekend at Eurocycle in Langenfeld, Germany, Ina Peirup beat
the worldrecord in highjump for woman.

The previews hight was 46 cm. Ina Pushed it to 50 cm.

Ina is from Jaegerspris, Denmark and is 18 years old.

You can see her jump at

And a previews at

See you in Japan

Lars Lottrup

unicycle high jump! haha i never even knew there was one but now i do i want a go!

Hey, I don’t speak danish…but that site has a lot of great pics!!!

Does anyone know what the high jump stats were for NAUCC?? There must have been guys getting over 60cm. I got 50cm on my muni and I’m old and fat.


Not bad for a “regular” tire. Give her a big fat Trials tire and I bet she can add another 10cm with very little practice!


“Pictures” = “Billeder”

Direct link to the pics

I think Ryan Atkins did 90 cm in competition. This is not an official result!

New world record for women’s highjump

Congratulations Ina, nice highjump.

It does not matter how high men can jump, nor how old or fat they are, a man will never set the women’s highjump record unless he changes sex, and then there might be controversy if word of the operation gets out. Men and women have seperate events in the olympics, and it seems to be similar in some Unicycle competitions.