new wide-frame Gunis delayed

Today I talked to Florian Schlumpf on the phone about the status of my
Guni order. He said that of his first batch of 100 (?) wide frames
only about 25 were good enough, and the Taiwanese manufacturer seemed
unable to deliver any more perfectly shaped frames despite several
iterations. With the 25 (maybe it was 23 or 27) he could satisfy all
orders for wide framed gunis placed in December, January and February.
Boy what I shame - I ordered mine on March 1 :-((

They are now in the process of obtaining frames from a Swiss
manufacturer they trust. Florian assured me they were working very
hard to deliver the remaining orders asap. For me, that might be
around end of September but he could not make any promises.

I can only hope I’ll get mine before the winter sets in - that ain’t
my idea of Guni season.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“Unicycling is like glue: you have to stick with it, and it’s not to be sniffed at - Mikefule”

Sorry to hear that, Klaas. I hope you get yours soon!


Florian is a perfectionist- I know he’s working very hard on getting those frames right, and I’m sure you’ll love the result- it’s beautiful :slight_smile:

Still haven’t been able to ride my Schlumpf yet- I’m waiting to set it up with aero bars and a bike seat. Might have sometime tomorrow to put most of it together.

GUNI (cringe), it’s almost as bad as TUNI (trials uni).

there has to be a way to work a “T” onto the end of that acronym.

Having only sampled Florian’s creation, I can assure you it’s worth the wait.