New wide bike rims

I’ve never had a Big Apple. The tires I’ve put on ranged from a 37 mm Pasela to a 54 mm Vee10, currently a 45 mm Kenda Khan. It’s been fine with all of them. So far the Pasela was the most fun, but I’ve taken the Khan onto dirt jogging trails more than I did that one.

I took that to be Eric aus Chemnitz’s point about fatbike riders buying KH rims to get 36 holes. Those must be your hold outs!

No, unicycle mfgs needs to change to 32h.

Rim strength is more important that spoke count. A reduction of four spokes will not cause a problem.

Sure, but a Kickstarter campaign or group buy is something any of us could do something about. Getting the industry to break with tradition and make a wholesale change is a bigger proposition, probably not likely because of a few vocal customers saying they should. Is there some specific thing missing from the market that would make a big difference, esp. that could be done by changing one manufacturing step on an existing product? (E.g., a 125 mm non-disc steel 32h hub.)

I was expecting you might have some experience and hoping you’d weigh in, Ben :slight_smile: That WTB rim certainly looks interesting

The Chinese carbon rims seem to be available in 36h drillings - eg the 50mm one I link to in the OP, or they’ve just come out with a new wide but not fat rim which seems just about the perfect width for muni: RM29C14 Carbon MTB Rim - Light Bicycle

Though as you mention, you can get 32h hubs - Nimbus, and also - which would be a good match for a light carbon rim to make a weight weenie uni.

I like what I’m seeing in the carbon rims, they are more resilient than aluminum, stronger, and appear to be fairly impact resistant. BUT, they’re still kinda pricey.

I recently bought my first carbon bike frame, I was concerned with scratching and impacts, but I flog the snot out of it and it’s really no different than aluminum, it seems to be more impact resistant; ie less likely to dent.

UDC has a three 32h hubs, two disc mount (100, 125mm) and one standard no disc mount (100mm) so really it’s other uni mfgs that are lagging on going to 32h.

What I’d realy like to see is a 32h 36er rim in carbon, now that would be awesome!!

The ultimate 36er: Carbon frame, carbon seat and seatpost, carbon tubeless ready rim, kevlar bead tubeless ready tire (800-1000gm), 32h Ti hub, Drilled Spirits (CF?!), Shimano Guide RSC brake, and custom CF bars.

Most of my bike frames are carbon - have had a carbon frame for my main MTB for over 10 years (admittedly hasn’t been ridden all that much recently). Have bounced big lumps of rock off the downtube without doing any damage - they’re nowhere near as fragile as some people seem to think. Whilst that doesn’t mean carbon rims will be strong, there’s no reason why they couldn’t be.

It’s bugging me now - one of those carbon rims isn’t that expensive, and they now seem to have the perfect rim for the sort of muni I do, but I can’t really afford to drop the cash on one at the moment.

I’m going to disagree heavily with this. I absolutely hate carbon.

I don’t see why a sub 20 lb. unicycle needs to be full carbon. Yeah it’d be great to be a bit lighter, but I don’t think we need to go totally weight weenie on it.

I have/had carbon bike frames, and they make me a basket case when I’m riding them. You can tell me all you want about how strong and durable it is, but I’ll take metal every time. It is absolutely not for me.

But if that’s what grinds your gears, go for it. It’d only cost like 3k.