New wheel for a CX

I got a 24" CX for Christmas (my first uni). I was wondering if I could put a 20" wheel on it. Preferably something suitable for hopping and riding on grass/dirt.

Any thoughts? Would I just be better off getting a different uni for that and just use this one for simple street type riding?


You wouldn’t want to use the CX for “Street”. Street riding involves hopping, grinding, etc. It’s a good uni to learn on, but you will soon want a better one.

Upgrading a uni isn’t hard to do and most parts are interchangeable. But, in the case of the CX, I think it would be better to just get a whole new uni.

If you are a beginner, I suggest getting a Torker LX or DX. Both are very good for their cost and should last a long time if you take care of them. Both are available at and ebay.

Edit: If you are into hopping, get the DX or a Nimbus trials cycle. If you have a bit more money, look into the KH20.

There are plenty of reviews of all these cycles on this forum.



I am completely new to the sport. Where can I find information and definitions of the different types of riding? Like what’s the difference between freestyle and trials anyway?


The best place to learn about the different styles of unicycling is this forum. Try running a search on MUni, Freestyle, Street, and Trials.

Okie-Dok, I’ll give that a shot. I’m sure MUni should only return about a trillion hits. :wink: I’ll be reading for a while. At least until it stops raining so I can try to ride some more.


Trials is style of riding where you jump on things and ride along narrow ledges.

Street is where you mix a bit of jumping on things with grinding and jumping down sets of stairs. It’s trials with style.

Freestyle is the traditional performance riding. It’s generally done indoors on a smooth gym floor. It involves the types of skills in the USA Skill Levels.

There is video of many freestyle skills at Check out the video under levels, standard, and performances.

There is video of Japanese style freestyle in my Japanese Freestyle gallery

There is video of some expert level freestyle performances during UNICON XII (held in Japan in 2004) here: Japan videos

To find video of trials and street riding you just need to look at the videos announced in the forum here.

Excellent! That is MOST helpful to a newbie like myself.

Many Thanks,

You can also look here for a description of different types of riding and the unicycles to match:

Then go back to the “Main Education Page” to read more about each category of unicycles:

This, too, is very helpful. Thanks for the help. I was beginning to feel quite intimidated. I just wish I had more time to ride.


I love my Torker LX

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 13:15:06 -0600, “pilotfox” wrote:

>I am completely new to the sport. Where can I find information and
>definitions of the different types of riding?

Seems you could benefit from a visit to <>. The Word document “Learning to Unicycle” includes a page about various styles, and probably some other stuff that is useful to you.

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