New Weight-loss method: "Unicycling!"

What the cake?:stuck_out_tongue:

practising muni too
though I advertise this for weigth loss I have not lost much weigth
because I gained muscles.
for instance I kept the same waist because a slight bulge of fat was replaced by a small bulge of muscle (yes unicycling is good for what we call in France “love handles”).
I am still 3 kilograms overweigth (I should weigth 71 and weigth 74 -I am 1.77 tall)
but the gain is about the heart rate! (constantly changing but hovering between 46 and 56).

My goal this year: get rid of 2 kg! being 1 kg overweigth will be fun!

I haven’t lost any weight through unicycling - probably due to weather and lack of time (I certainly can’t unicycle every day). I have lost weight in the last three months since I started Karate though.

I’ve done karate before and didn’t lose weight, so I think it must be the combination of unicycling and karate. I’m pretty sure that the karate has helped with my stamina and endurance on the unicyle too. :smiley:

Weight Loss and Unicycling (Mike Clark)

I did not loose any weight unicycling. (I do mostly MUni but plenty of skills building sessions were I would practice going backwards, one footed pedaling jumping and so on.) I was always slim but now I am much more toned than before. I don’t do any other sport activity. My sisters always comment on how much healthier and proud I look now.

Terry you looked about 30 in the before picture and now you look about 25!
Great Going!

I wonder if Mike Clark lost all of his weight from unicycling? See the difference in his weight from Universe 2 to Defect!


Now a question for “another kind of people”: How to gain weight from unicycling? :roll_eyes:

Um, eat ben & jerry’s “Chunky Monkey” while you ride? :sunglasses:

Ride lots, eat lots. I put on over half a stone when I was riding 16-18 miles a day on my commute, cos my legs got bigger. I was also swimming most mornings, so my arms got bigger too.


Well, weight training would do the trick. Unicycling to lose excess fat stores, and lifting wieghts to add muscle, which weighs more than the fat you’ll lose from unicycling! Also eating a well balanced diet is key. I do indulge in a slice of cake now & then, but I don’t worry too much sonce I burn it off riding everyday!:smiley: Regular exercise also reduces excess cholesterol, which is also a type of fat, but it clogs arteries!

hey Triball, just give yourself another 30 or 40 years and you won’t have to worry about the weight anymore :wink:

Man, I had to chime in on this thread. Two summers ago, I came to the shocking realization that I was fat. I’m 6’1" and I weighed in at 210 lbs. I started to ride my uni every single day and made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of food I was eating (I even cut down drastically on beer, one of my favorite things). It took me 8 month and I got down to 170 lbs. I felt soooo much better at that weight. Life circumstance have recently kept me off the uni a lot more than I’d like. I’ve crept up to 175 so I’ve got to make it a priority to get back on the uni every day. With winter coming on, I think my many other projects will start to slow down and I’ll be able to ride more.

I’ve never had much patience for exercise. If I had to sit down at a weight bench or do push-ups, I’d loose interest in a big hurry. But, give me something fun to keep me healthy and I’m all over it.:wink:

My weight loss experience…

About a year ago… I was 240lbs and somewhere around 6’3 or 6’4. I decided to get in better shape. I did cross country and track in high school and college, and one of the guys at work was running… so I started jogging. I also stopped drinking soda and generally tried to improve my eating habits, especially concentrating on not eating more than before.

Pretty soon I am jogging roughly 30 miles a week… but the pounding was getting to my legs. Last Christmas, I got a uni and started riding.

I ride an average of 3-4 days a week probably… weekdays are usually 30-45 minutes, and I try to get a longer ride on the weekend (2-4 hours). My longest has been 18 miles (on a 24") and I’ve done several muni rides that are 10+ miles.

Over one year later… I am now 235-240 depending on the day. Haven’t lost an ounce. I have very much improved on unicycle activities, but don’t feel like I am in any better overall shape. I’ve basically given up on using unicycling as a weight loss tool. I am not giving up unicycling… Its quite fun and a great way to meet new people. Its also something I get to do with my son. But I have decided I need to find different ways to lose weight. (Probably will have to be more diet centered.)


I grew from 5’2" to 6’3" while unicycling.
I gained 60 lbs! (course of two years).

It tends to be a bad word around here, but try road bicycling. Low impact and it burns lots of calories if you ride hard. It is difficult to ride a unicycle in a manner that burns calories and gets the metabolism up the way fast road bicycling can.

Wish I could report in with weight loss. The best I can hope for is parity (not gaining weight). I’ve been plateaued at 165 for many years. I’m not overweight by any means, but could stand to lose some flab around the gut.

Hmm, I’d have to differ with you on that one, at least for me. I ride pretty hardcore MUni 6-7 days per week, with technical DH and then double back for the long uphill climb. My heart rate is consistently in my target range, and it sure feels like a helluva great endurance run every time.

This particular trail has probably accounted for at least 75% of my weight loss over the past 18 months, and current level of fitness. When I do my 15-20 mile 36er beach rides, it’s all on flat, but just the distance travelled and the constant spinning burns calories, but the shorter, much more physically taxing daily MUni runs I think burn the most calories.:smiley:

Uphill muni is the exception. Along with the kind of Coker rides that AspenMike does. :slight_smile: But not everybody has the local terrain to be able to do that.

A 40 mile road bike ride at 17+ mph on flat roads will do more than a similar amount of time Cokering on flat roads.

When you say “spinning” are you talking the 90+ rpm?

I don’t know how many rpm’s I do, but I try to maintain 12-14 mph using 114mm cranks. Not terribly taxing (compared to uphill MUni!) but still, over time and distance a good way to burn calories. But 90 full revs per minute does sound close. It may be a bit more as I spin pretty fast and I’ve counted nearly 2 full revs per second but that’s not official. Somebody here could probably figure it out using 13 mph as an average on a 36" wheel. Anybody? :slight_smile:

For a Coker a close estimate of the pedaling RPM is to take your speed in mph and multiply by 10. So 13 mph on a Coker is about 130 rpm.

Wow that’s not bad then…scootin’ along at more than 2 full revs per second! Thanks.:slight_smile:

I just don’t get the comments that the before and after pics don’t show a big difference. Ok… they are not as dramatic as the weight loss before and after pics you’d see in a magazine with the first being a full front view of a pale model wearing no make-up and saggy clothes. Then the after pic a side view of the model in a tight skimpy black dress.

Look at Terry’s arms. Ok… it does look like he is flexing them to strangle the cat… but still you can see the difference.

Terry, maybe you should put on a skimpy black dress.