New Weight-loss method: "Unicycling!"

Prior to starting riding, which for me has been 95% MUni, I was getting a double chin and a bit of a “spare tire” on my waist! :astonished: So, 20 months ago, at age 50, I made a commitment to get in shape, and try to stay that way.

Muni, and uni in general, has been the best thing for my health, both mental & physical that I’ve ever done, and it has opened a whole new world for me! I’ve met the greatest group of people on these forums, having met many in person at various events, and it’s just been so rewarding in so many ways!

So, below is a “before & after” pic. On the left is me at age 49, about a year before starting Muni. The pic on the right is about a year after starting, at age 51.

I went from 166 lbs to my current 144 lbs and dropped from a 34" waist to 30". I think the difference is pretty dramatic. I sure feel much stronger and healthier overall. If only somebody could write a “Uni weight-loss” book that would sell to the masses, it might make a million! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure many others reading this have similar stories to share about how Uni-ing has improved your quality of life, so post your experiences here and let us know!:slight_smile:

PS: The ironic thing is that while I lost weight, my cat “Morty” got a tad larger! Maybe I need to have a custom uni made for him too! :wink:

Wow thats pretty cool it looks like you and a brother or something. you can really tell the difference in your face.

Morty needs to learn how to pose in a manner that makes him look slimmer. Just like all the other cats do in the weight loss before and after pictures. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen pictures of cats on invisible bikes. Morty could learn to ride an invisible unicycle. Getting the photographic proof though is challenging.

Are you trying to kill the cat?

Anywho cheers to your weight loss. And I can find just one problem with your uni weight loss theory, people are to lazy to ride their b*ke 5 miles to the store to get a prescription filled or pick up a gallon of milk, do you really think that they would take the time to learn to ride a unicycle?

Good going, Terry.

I went from 185 last January when I started riding to 170 by March, and I’ve been steady at that weight since. I try to ride 3 or 4 times a week, going 8 to 15 miles each time, depending on what uni (24, 29, 36) I take and how much time I have to ride.

I plan to spend this winter learning the details of hopping, side jumps, etc, since I would like to do more real muni than just the x-c trails I’ve been doing.

As with humans, portion control is essential to keeping pets at their ideal weight. Even if you’re feeding him a “weight maintenance” food, you’ll need to measure each serving you feed him. I just keep a measuring scoop in my cat’s food bag to make sure I give him the correct portion at each meal.

Maybe Morty was younger and smaller in the first picture.

Maybe we should just skip Terry, and make this thread about Morty.

Yes, you were definitely blurrier in your pre-unicycling days. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately clothing masks your bodily improvements for the most part, but we who ride understand. I was also stricken by how your cabinets look exactly like the “before” of our kitchen, a few years ago. Now we not only have an “after,” but the designers that did it proudly show our cabinets on their web site (it’s slide #s 4 and 5, red kitchen with white cabinets). We did away with the slide-up corner thingie.

Unicycling for weight loss is great. I hope Daytripper63 will chime in here with his experiences. But getting non-unicyclists to learn to ride for that reason might be a tough sell. You ride a lot because you like unicycling. If you didn’t you probably wouldn’t do it as much.

Hey I’ll go for that! I just made this yesterday, so here’s Morty as he is today in: “Instant Mortification”.:slight_smile: Actually, Mort is in terrific shape and not overweight. It just looks that way in the still shot. (I know, I know, my room’s a mess, haha!)

nice vid of morty, seems like a really cool cat.

I’ve lost about 15 lbs over the sumer unicycling. and I see more coming off slowly each week due to my long rides. I’m sitting at 230…down from 245 - 250ish from June. So i think it helps a ton, not to mention gets you in shape pretty quickly.

Wow great result…congrats!:smiley:

haha, no I sure don’t! :roll_eyes:

Terry should have known that would happen if he posted a picture with a cat.

This is now a cat thread.

Congrats to you! 15 pounds in three months is awesome! :smiley:

Yeah, something similar happened to me when I started riding :wink: Alas, I stopped riding so muych the past year, and have gained much weight… Trying to ride & walk more so I can get back into shape and fit into my pants for the winter (shorts will be cold come January…). Working from home is not conducive to exercise (since I used to walk over a mile to school before the job ;))

The only difference in your weight I can see is in your neck. The before certainly didn’t make me say, “whoa - there’s a heavy dude!”

But congrats on the weight loss.

In the 3.5 years since I started I went from 148 lbs to…wait for it…148 lbs. In fact, since my ski-bum season of 89/90 I’ve weighed 148 lbs, plus or minus a big meal and/or a good poop.

Well, I know I didn’t lose 20 lbs just off my neck, lol! Yeah, 4" off my waist probably accounts for about half or more of the 20 lb weight loss. Never felt better and it’s all thanks to MUni!!! YAy!:stuck_out_tongue:

I can see the difference in your arms and face.
When I got back into unicycling I was 236 lbs and as of January 2007 I weighed in at 192 and felt great.
Although in January I purchased my employer of 20 years and I can say my focus was blurred for the first 8 months of this year and I jumped back up to 220
For the first 8 months of this year I was living proof of what Stress, a lack of Unicycling, Mocha Almond Fudge Ice cream, Cereal and anything else edible to calm down my stomach down can do to you…
Now I am back in focus and on a mission to Uni the weight away again.

the nice thing about doing MUni everyday is that I can have my cake, and eat it too!:smiley:

lol didn’t we talk about that one time on instant messanger?