New website about Unitrials

Hi all,
Just new in the uni arena, I normally ride biketrials, but will definitely give a go at unitrials (most probably on 24" though). With the collaboration of a few uni riders out there, I have just extended my biketrials tutorials website to include unitrials.
So here is the direct link:
It is still very basic, but hopefully, will have more pages when I have more footage of unibeasts
Comments welcome.:slight_smile:

Nice, thats cool. I was looking at your site not long ago for biketrials help. Its cool how it goes into a lot of detail.

I thought Joe Hodges was sponsored by koxx-one, not

Nice site. I like the layout and graphics, the tutorials were some of the best I’ve seen.

I thought it was funny to read the google ads in the tutorials, most of them were about golf. I suppose they were picking up on the text about swinging your arm down when you hop. I guess google doesn’t know what to do with uni trials, lol.

Nice sight. I really like it and think I will use it alot

cool if you want any help with tutorials i’d be up for contributing, its good exposure for unicycling on that website nice one!

Why do the profiles go to a section about bike trials riders?

because its primarily bike trials site, if you scroll down you’ll find 3 unicyclists i’ve said they need moire

most of the footage of me and Joe are extremely dated. Better demos/clips to follow sometime later. It’s specifically only for trials and basics on how to ride.

Street and freestyle aren’t gonna be any part of it for decades however.

What site did you use to make it?

good job… using f%$#^*$ stolen videos…


All the clips and pics on that site are taken originally by Julien (owner of trashzen site). All the old clips of me and Joe hodges are done by him as well.

unless, you were on about something totally different…

nah, zack and other ppl’s defect part tho.