new way to measure rolling or side hopping distance

I’ve seen some threads posted about how to measure your exact length of your side hop and rolling hops, I got a fresh piece of bubble wrap and cut it so none of them were popped in the cutting process. In conclusion, if the bubbles pop, you didn’t make it.

Haha, that sounds funny. You could just get 2 stick, pieces of tape or something and gap from one to the other like they do in competition. If you land on the stick then you didn’t make it. Or do it from 2 objects, if you fall really hard inbetween them then you didn’t make it:)

Or you could wet your tire, jump, and see how far the distance in between the wet tracks are.

ehh, wet=slippery=someone gets hurt

that wouldn’t be a good situation, so lets not wet the tire, color the ground w/ chalk where you are jumping and landing, measure from mark to mark… perfect

You wouldnt slip with a wet tire though. If your doing it on concrete.

Both tire and surface of what your jumping onto would have to be pretty wet to slip on.

I am gonna build a little measurement thing right infront of my house on the sidewalk. =p

the wet tire thingy sounds like a good idea if i were to measure my distance id use that idea

pallets :roll_eyes:

Light fresh snow works AWSOME. Doesn’t slow my jumping at all for rolling hops…

Agreed. If you don’t stay on the pallet, you didn’t make it. This also leads to more realistic figures since you can’t stretch way out sideways for a gap without losing your balance.

yeah thats probably the best idea… I used a small curb. If i touched the curb or landed kinda on it, i missed

Just dip the wheel in wet paint, then you can measure your progress.

i would get a long tape measure and 2 whiteboard markers and drop/put 1 marker from where your tyre will start. The other where your rolling or jumping will stop at. Then measure it with the tape. Then you will get better and in time get to the point of perfecting your hopping skills :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Measuring Jumps/Gaps

Why not use a raked patch of ground? you can easily see tire prints in it!

yeah i guess unicorn, but you dont find those everywhere… abit liek unicorns arent very common… :smiley:

what bout put sand patches on the ground jump beween them

I just set up two pallets and put them a set distance apart, then measure. But then I always have to subtract 1 1/2 inches because I like to cheat and get so close to the edge that half of my tire is not even on the surface:p