New way to increase seat in hopping height

Okay, I had an epiphemy. One thing I noticed is that no one has broken down the proccess for seat in hops, its like you do it or you don’t.

I’m nothing great, but I came up with an interesting thing to do just today, and I belive it has already incresed my hops, (havn’t measured it, but I can feel the diffrence in height) What I did was I did what everyone tells you not to, I just jumped! I didn’t hold onto the uni, I just jumped off the pedals. I continued doing this until I felt I was getting as high as I could, (not so suprrisingly that was with a slight pounding motion before I jumped to get bounce out of the wheel) then I held onto the seat again, Making sure my arm was loose, and jumped, and I had a nice high, and smooth hop. The beautifull part was I found that my hops were all very identical, there wasn’t very much varience, they all seemed smooth and uniform.

Mostly i’m very happy in what this has done to my timming, I don’t feel that anticipation, that i’m going to jump to late, or to soon as I aproch something. It really makes it feel much smoother and more natural, I urge everyone to go out and try this! especialy street riders, its great!

(I hold no responsibilty to what happens to your Saddle after you’ve lept off of the uni)

Just to specify there are three main types of hops. Seat in sidehop; seat out sidehop; and rolling hop (almost always seat in, some people have experimented with seat out rolling hops in the past but not very much). In your post you said seat in (generally means seat in sidehop), but it sounded like you were talking about rolling, I could be wrong though. I’ve been confused other times in the past when reading your posts because of this.

You’ll have to be more clear, its really confusing what you are trying to say. I imagine you jumping off your uni then swinging it back up under you as you’re about to land. Oh wait, I understand now, the jumping off thing was in preparation like warming up. Okay I guess if it works it works.

And lastly you said no one has broken down the process for seat in (again assuming rolling), do a search on Dan Heatons Rolling hop or something like that. Someone broke down some viddy of one of his hops from U2 frame by frame. I know its in John Childs gallery and probably a few other places. Rollling hop technique has also been discussed before, in other places.


I think he’s talking about seat in static hops, not rolling. because seat in rolling hops have been analyzed a lot in the past, but I don’t think anyone’s really toyed around with seat in static hops that much… probably because they’re sorta kinda unnecessary. you can get about two feet seat in static, maybe a little more with practice. but seat out or rolling hop, you can get considerably more.

I’m sorry I didn’t clarify, I meant Rolling hops. And yes you actually just jump off the unicycle. no landing back onto it.

Also ive seen the frame by frame steps with dan heaton and others, and don’t get me wrong very informitive, but what i meant when I said no one has broken down seat in hops, its like when you first try one you are trying to juggle four or five diffrent actions all at once, and the more precise, these actions are, at the correct timings the higher your hop is. I like the ability to practice actions individualy, then put them together after you’ve felt you’ve mastered each step. As far as I know, no one has taught Rolling hops in that way. Its always been do all these things all at once, and hope for the best, when most peole just get into the air and kinda freeze getting very low hops.

ohhh, so you are talking about rolling hops? disregard my first post then (:
I think the most important thing to think about while rolling hopping is to fold yourself in half. bring the tire up, and fold your torso down. then when you land on the obstacle, try to ride away quickly without waiting, so you won’t lose your balance.

Cyberpunk, i disagree with your method of practice, and think that it is counterproductive to improving rolling hops. A rolling hops is very different from a SIF sidehop (SIF). A SIF hop can be seperated into two very distinct forms, a jump/prehop, and a tuck. You can get decent height with just the jump/prehop, or just with the tuck. They both have their places, and when combined you can get max height. This also means you can focus on one more than the other, without hurting the hop. The same is not true for rolling hops.

A rolling hop is far more fluid and combined than a sidehop. It very smoothly transitions from vertical pedals tire mashing right into a pike. You cannot do a pike without the initial vertical pedal spring/leanback/tire mashing, and you cannot do an initial jump without doing a pike. They just naturally lead to eachother. What you have done is seperated them, which, in my opinion, is absolutely wrong. Part of the initial jump is the pull up on the seat, a factor in why rolling hops can kill seats, even on a light uni. Secondly, in order to jump clear of the uni without letting hte uni leave the ground, you are doing the anti-pike, without improving any technique there. On top of that, jumping clear of the uni means you are jumping with your weight far more forward than it should be for a large rolling hop. Rather than wasting your time throwing yourself off the uni, just practice rolling hops on a slowly slanted ledge until you’re satisfied. My method has many advantages: Your technique will actually improve with the practice, you will learn to time your rolling hops better, and anyone watching will be impressed rather than thinking you can’t ride.

Darchibald, Seat out rolling hops are finding their place among some riders. Zack and Ryan have developed them to be getting around 34-37", last I checked. I use them for some stuff, generally just to make a line smoother. I can do a SIF rolling hop around 28-30".