New Vodpod for Unicycling Vids

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you all about this new website called The creators got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago, they said that they enjoyed the British Invasion trailer and wanted to see more unicycling videos and perhaps they could be added to their new site. is similar to myspace/youtube but is alot more customized than both. So far there are few members so the creators encouraged me to set up a unicycling “pod”. I’m posting this out to try and get as many videos as possible on the unicycling pod. It’s easy to add, just go to the url below and click add video and any of you can add one of your own videos.
So get to it, don’t delay, let’s get unicycling on!


Ok, well I’ve uploaded a couple of videos myself. If anyone has any problems with me putting there vids up, tell me and I’ll take them off. Also, if anyone wants to add videos to it, just click on the link at the top and then click on “add video”.
Everyone is welcome to add there vids.


If we can get Xav, Shaun, Yoggi, Kris, Ryan, Dan, Kaori and a lot of the other big name riders to make videos or allow us to use some of their vids, and get them on there, it would be nice.

Then we would have a nice setion of highly skilled unicycle videos.

Yeah, as nice as that would be, there are still some great videos out there from less hgih profile riders, Sabin Arditty, Spencer Hochberg, Lucas Wintercrane, Jeff(Skate4Flip, sorry mate can’t remember your second name), Max Pffeifer, Manuel Pellizzari and so on and so forth. I want everyone and anyone to upload their videos, there are some great vids out there.


Adding videos to vodpod

Looked like a few of you might have tried to add videos in the past day over at, and if you did, you might have encountered a bug. We’ve fixed that, so come on back, it should work fine now. (you’ll be asked to log-in or register before you add a video, it only takes 20 seconds to register).

While most of us ride on 2 wheels here at vodpod, we are awed by the unicycling videos we’ve been seeing and personally hope to see a lot more of them! So we hope you’ll add them to the pod jason has set up.

Also, the service is shiny and new. We really haven’t opened it up yet publicly. So we’d really love any feedback – the good, the bad, the ugly. Feel free to send it to me at mark AT remixation DOT com.

I know there are a lot of great riders out there, but I mentioned those bigger names just as what to make the vid like. Up to that level of riding, or at least how they edit their films to make easy things look really nice.

Ive seen videos form most of the people you mentioned, and they rock!
Ill put my vid up once I am finished with it. =p

great, thats the spirit! Everyone else, post some videos too.