New Videos: My life and Hidden Section!


Last week i filmed some stuff… and i made two videos…

I’m learning how to edit in Vegas now… So the video is not a BIG production…

My Life:


And my hidden section… with some bails:

there’s nothing special in the videos… I’m improving very fast now…so this is stuff is now a little bit OLD! I will make a new video soon… With Crank Flips (I’m acctualy using a open back shin guard, so i’m not training flips) and Backflips…

Thanks :smiley:

Pedro Tejada

Nice job! :astonished:

Nice job!

Nice job! :slight_smile:

Nice Job!

Nice job!

Nice job!

Nice Job!

Man, i wish i had a foam pit to jump into… I could go crazy with that haha.

Great job. Love the editing and the riding.

well you screwed it up Nice job!

Nice Job! (I’m just a big conformist, eh?)

Nice jorb!

Nice job!

Nice Jorb… I mean jorb… I mean jaaeerb, i mean jooeaaaooaeerb.


Really good :):):):slight_smile:

My only recomendation: In the future try to change camera angles to reduce/eliminate shots w/ a lot of bright background (lots of sky, or lights). This made you really dark in some shots.

Nice job. It just had to be said.


The riding was great, and so was the editting.

Overall I’d have to say… Nice Job!

Thanks for all the comments! You guys have been very helpful for me!

Skilewis74, I’m in a photography school now… and i’m learning a lot about light, angles and all this stuff… the bigest problem is that my friends who filmed do not know anything about filming…I just teached they how to usethe camera!

My next video i will film with my father… He’s better than my friends!

Thanks again for all the coments!


quebra tudo!