New videooooo

I did this mostly over the weekend and half term, its mainly street/trials and a bit of freestyle let me know what you think critiscm can only make me better

cheers Lucas

Its da one called street n trials

nice, that wheel walk along that wall was ace

Cheers Dale

N sos bout the song going on for ever hope it didnt take ages to get

nice vid but the music made it seem like i was sitting in a funeral watching a memorey video

Ha I love that song and was struggling to put something to it so I just thought I’d try a slow song I usually use hip hop its the theme to greenstreet which is a great film

sweet video

this video actually left me wondering why you would bother to make it 3 times longer than the footage itself by making me download some songs that you happened to throw on the end. yuck.
anyways, the riding was ok… the wheel walk was maybe even worth watching, oh and i think video is only spelt with one “o” on the end, like “video”
anyways, keep practising dude

The riding was pretty good but I hate the music, I think I almost fell asleep. If you put the same riding to some faster or more vibrant music it would be tons better.

good music men

hey, how long have you been riding??

Pretty sweet ridin’ :sunglasses: nd like josh sed how long u been ridin?

Ive been riding properly for about 2 years properly but since i was about 7 on and off I know the music was a bit slow i usually use hip hop

i’ve only just started riding trials and street my main thing is freestyle but I really wanted to do a video with just street and trials.

should I put the same video up again but with different music to see what people think then or would that be a waste of everyones time

cheers Lucas