New "video"

Well I got a new camera, so I decided to make a new vid. It’s super duper short, and the riding isn’t that great, but I mostly wanted to try out my camer and I used my mac for the editing this time, which I like a lot better. But trying to upload it was a pain in the butt and the quality of the vid and sound got messed. You can kind of consider this a trailer because I’m going to be making a larger vid soon but here it is…“Xiphoid”
I know the moves are that impressive but I learned to unispin a week ago…and I’m probably not gonna do too much of this street in the future but the moves I can do are still fun.
Comments please on the editing n’ such!

That’s sick. Nice 360, double wrap and four set hop.
You’re better than I thought you were (better than being worse than I though you were… spoonthumb…).

Hey, nice vid. I just watched your other one, Xanthosis. I really liked it. What does the name mean? Also, was the second track an Australian rapper?

You need to de-interlace. It a check box when exporting into a quickime file.

yeah really nice video like it! :sunglasses:
what’s the song called?

-Raphael Pöham

Thank you…jeez it was a pain to even upload it…then when it did it looked like crap…I’ll try it :slight_smile:

Thanks! The song was “What’s Golden” by Jurrasic 5.

nice. liked the song.

well my last video I posted it as Xanthosis not new video. I’ll try and think of more interesting names for the threads like I do for the titles of the vids.

That was good.

Nice rolling hop up the 4 stairs…

I really liked it…


Hey thanks
And for anyone who cares is the new link after fixing. Made it so much better. Thanks Agent Q.

love that song. nice short video. The other one made me laugh also.

Much better. Now that song is gonna be stuck in my head for another day.:wink:

I cant wait until you clear your double stair set there.

Oh I’ll be getting that soon don’t worry. Seven stairs w/ a 4 ft gap between each set, piece of cake on a good day.

Cool. not long enough though

Like I said, I only wanted to test my camera. I’ll be making a longer video soon.

video gone.

EDIT nevermind… found it…