New Video

i just finished a dvd im selling. its called copasetic, see the trailer
hopefully that works if you dont have facebook.
if you want a copy contact me ill sell it for $10 plus shipping.

Not everybody uses facebook? Youtube sounds like a better idea if you are serious in getting any sales.

That’s an impressive trailer. Props

yeah man that was some good riding

Yeah put it on youtube please.

if you dont have facebook go to a different trailer for the vid.

sorry man but i don’t really liked it i wish for you that you did a great editing for a dvd cause cause the riding is not that awesome i think and there’s no variety…

– bobousse

I remember when this movie was first started getting made. It seems a bit late now though to put it out and the riding isn’t anything new.


hey dallin,

I wasn’t able to see this movie :angry: but I have seen a lot of your other movies like Under no influence and they’re wicked!

when you say BYU are you reffering to brigham young university???

i think that this is just a not as good version of skrobos riding…i dont think i would buy it…but good luck

Uh not realy, skrobos main focus is on gaps and this clearly isnt.

I thought it was good, I liked your other vid better though, I thought the music went better and the riding was more enjoyable to watch.


oh ok, a few people from my ward are there. very cool place, good basketball team. can’t wait for the new video dallin.

You are quite a good rider, however, i’m afraid that it will be hard for people to pay for something when they can get even better (no offense) riding for free on Youtube. But yeah, Good luck.

Not a bad vid but like pele said, you can see those tricks almost anywhere on the net.

that makes 2 of us.

by ward, are your refering to the Morman church!

I’m Morman:)

me too!!! dudes!!! and Dallin I have family near BYUI what do you say I PM you next time I’m in the area nd we go for a ride?