New Video

me and some pals made a video today, check it out!

nice pogo-sticking video :roll_eyes:

just kidding, but fewer prehops would be nice. that was a nice crankgrab to rubber though. :slight_smile:

i liked the double-handed crankgrab:)

thanks. ive tried to do the crank grab one handed, but i cant pull off any good one handed sif hops :o

lower your seatpost.

its as low as it goes

then cut it

Is that a long neck frame on the 24"? I dont see any point in that.

yeah, theres that solution. but does it really inhibit me that much to use 2 hands? (im kinda to lazy to cut my post)

i just went and looked its a long neck frame so i dont have to much room to cut, but thats already been pointed out