New Video

Today, MERCYME (my cousin) and I got together at North Shore Towers in new york to do some riding.

Thats the video we made, hope you enjoy it!

PS- Watch to the VERY end.

That was a good vid! YOu showed a lot of creative ideas, such as riding in and out of the parking garage, and the handspring off of the uni was cool! You didn’t use andy flashy transition and kept it simple. that was a great video. Your riding obviously isn’t as good as shauns or anyone like that, but besides that, you made the same grade video as one would expect shaun to come up with. Good job!:smiley:

P.S. That was funny when he walked into the pole!:smiley: :smiley:

HA he takes off his helmet, the hits his head on the pole, then puts the helmet back on??

Thoroughly entertaining… thanks!