New Video


Pretty cool. was the jump to the end of the driveway the 10 foot jump you were talking about?:stuck_out_tongue:

no, that was 9 1/2 ft or so
i didn’t get the 10 footer on video
i need to see how big the one right after that is


That was really good, but it wasn’t equal take off and landing (prob. about 2 maybe three curbs.)

That video was practically all acid drops and long jumps…the jumps were impressive, but they don’t make a video.

The first stuff was cool though

yeah, its 2 curbs down
thats why I didn’t bother to measure it yet

Acid drops?

I liked the part where you jumped up the bleachers while people were sitting there, that probably left them with an interesting story to tell their friends.

most of them know me

Acid drops are the mounts when I jump onto the unicycle in the air and ride away

How long did you practice before you could rolling hop that far? My rolling hops height is very very low and the distance is about half of yours if that, and i’ve been practicing them for like 3 months.

umm i do rolling hops like every minuite or so when im riding
i have been doing that for a few months (about 4) so yeah, i do them A LOT

Well that explains that. I do them very occasionally… They’re very tiring for me.

That was pretty good. You rolling hopps are really big. I should practice my distace hopping more. You are really tall.

That was a good video. I would have liked it more if you had done more that acid drops and HUGE rolling hops though:D

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that…that was really cool/impressive

those rolling hops are amazing!
wish i could do that…

why thank you, thank you all :slight_smile:

i like the acid drops, i have never really seen those on a uni before. when i was watching i was thinking to myself, i wonder if that trick is named, and if it isnt it should be an acid drop haha…

also, you look like a kid i know.
thats all

I’ve been doing “acid drops” for ages. It’s in one of my vids in my gallery. I call it a caveman after the skateboard trick. An acid drop on a uni would be clearing something without hoping.

an acid drop is a jumping drop in on a ramp on a skateboard
have you done a 180 “acid drop”