New Video!

I know, I just made one last weekend but I did a lot of filiming this week and finally finished it! OH yeah, I love the waterballoons!

That was good. I can see progression! I think that you should tell your cameraman to stop wobbling. I liked how you added other stuff than just unicycling. Try to be a little bit more diverse in your tricks. (Try hopping up a curb!) Also, try and edit out the “not doing any tricks” sections. Ex, it takes fifteen seconds for you to go and actually do the trick. This makes the movie a little bit more tedious.

Great Riding,


Yeah, my sister isn’t any camera man, but she’s better than a tripod!

Are you sure? A tripod would stop wobbling so damn much!

If you invent a tripod that follows me around, I willl buy it!

You don’t need to. Just aim the camera on a trick you are about to perform and then do it. No wobble. For the stuff around your house , you probably wouldn’t need a tripod. Just use the stuff around you.

Alright! Thanks for all the advice!

I am still a beginning, lol, hopping and idleing on my next tasks!