New Video

Hey peoples

This is a video from a few weeks ago where a few of us went to the world Mountain Bike Champs in Rotorua NZ

Muni was filmed at Redwoods and the street at the local skatepark in Rotorua

Hope you enjoy it



Nice video, I wish we had a good skatepark around here.



Yea Good Skateparks are hard to find.


Really nice. Those muni lines look like so much fun. You guys are really good too. I liked that donkey kick.

that was so awesome! great job.

haha, forest muni looks weird, I’m used to desert muni:)

Thanks everyone, man desert muni, that sounds weird lol


great vid man

Man, I wish I had stuff to ride on like that around here…

Good vid…

Well youtube is down right now for me, but I’ll check it out later.

it is for me too

Did they give you a crazy diagram error too?