New Video

The newest one:

Then the one my brother made a thread for in RSU, but then got trashed, HERE

I BC a lot more at the skatparks than uni, so this is what I’ve got.

Awesome riding man! Wish i was that good. Excellent crankflips! Hope you learn some new tricks for us!
Nice riding!

that was really sweet. how much to u practice?

one word: cool

I think your the best out of all the twelve year olds on the forums.

stupid crankflips :angry:

whos car were you grinding on lol!

good luck trashing it!!!

nice moves

that is a sweet movie your riding is amazing. I can’t even consider doing crankflips let alone do them between some boards:p and your uni has an awesome colour (just had to say it)

Just wait until you see him on the bc…same thing applies as what you just said but you can replace “all the twelve year olds” with “everyone” :astonished:

Awesome vid.

Im gonna use the coolest word to describe you and your videos “dankin”

Nice riding.

I just looked at some of your bc vids. Your amazing! All that stuff on the ramps and stuff. It’s awsome.

crazy kids… keep it up man yuo are defenatly the future of the sport

you are an awesome rider. you will become pro one day if you keep it up. nice vid!

Great Vid!

I have to ask though- what is that ‘stick’ thing in your wheel in the skateboard park? Looks like some kind of computer mount or something.

But otherwise- RESPECT!


that was tight!!!
glad to see you got the 360 unispin!!

You’re my hero.

I saw a few of his BC videos. hes too goo dat dropping in on ramps. upid me not having a BC yet:)

hey lil bro!!


Yeah, how much? And how long have you been riding?

i think he has been practising 24/7 for the last few years. he is that awesome

My dad’s.

Watch both the videos I posted, you’ll see.

Uh, I ride everyday, from 1 hour or less to 4 or 5 hours a day.

Thanks guys.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: