New Video

My friend Tyler and i did some riding and we made it into this video so enjoy.:slight_smile:

                  Click <a href="">here</a>

Oh yeah sry here a low res 1 the other 1 is high res

Cool video, good work.

Peter M

heheh i loved the bail at the pool!
oh! and the song too

nice job

Cool. I laughed during that seatwhip combo thingy on the table :stuck_out_tongue:

that was funny when he bailed into the pool:D

nice vid, loved the song, and the skinny off the table was pretty impresive (I wouldn’t do one that high)

Great video me and my friend are sldo making a video (It’s hard work, Gah!)

anyways good song as well!

what was that no seat thing called

what is it called that he rode into the pool

It’s called a BC wheel.


wear could iget one

I belive UDC has one style for sale, and you can also purchase one from Bedford unicycles.


great vid. from everything I’ve heard about BC’s, beford mkes better ones. That seems to be the general opinion at least.

great vid. nice skinny riding.

Thanks you guys for the comments and my friend got his from

Nice, the skinnys off the table where really cool. And nice grind!

Tylers getting good, hes just gotta pay attention to his posture! Hehe…
:slight_smile: Good job

Thanks brian for the comment see u around

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hehe lol yep