New Video


BUC13 had a video competition. I made a video for it. I arrived too late to enter the competition. Nobody saw my video. I posted it in the post your buc videos here thread but not many folk are looking at it since I am late. Long story…

So here I am presenting to you my new video for all to see.

I would describe it as Trials, Street, Muni, Nonsense.

here is the link

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making and editing it.


Very nice video. I liked the riding and everything. Looks like yall had a fun time. Keep up the good work.


Nice vid :sunglasses:

No offense to the winners but i think that if your entry got in ontime it would have won hands down…Thats was awsome. Your cat must have been pretty dizzy after that spin

That was a real nice vid guys, well done.

I personally thought Amanda’s video was really good. I thought I (with lucas :p) was lucky to get joint first because her video was more uplifting. His video was great but better then Amanda and Bishop’s? I honestly dont know!


sweet video i loved it!

did amandas and bishops video win?

Yup…Amanda and Bishops vid teid for first with Mike and Lucas’ videos.

amandas vid won and i was in it:)

but dude that was a really good video man! i loved several things. sometimes i like one or two things in a whole vid, but yours was more all around whichgave it a lot of dimension. i liked how jumped on the bench with the old guy right there sitting on it. lol. also i liked the paper machet head…it made me laugh. just really good man for sure!

Excellent video! Enjoyed it very much.

My favorite part was when you pissed off that old guy on the bench:) oh, and the spinning cat.
It was a really cool vid.

cough Joint first cough


Thanks for all the feedback folks!

Pebbles likes to antagonise shoppers sometimes, and I like to film him doing it!

The cat has recovered!

The papie mache head is going to be green soon - look out for it in future vids.

Cheers again!


nice video

yea i think that would have won or the other vids. great one. nice bench part witht the old dude

great vid. your really good at riding down stairs.

i was wondering how he managed to do that so smooth.

lol, I like the part where you jump on the other side of that bench and the old guy gets up and gets pissed.

Awesome vid.

Also, what song is that playing during the vid?

awesome video tom, keep it real, keep it steel!

great video. Speeding up going down the steps, wow!

muy bueno con queso

That video was very good with cheese. Bravo. Some of that stairs riding was pretty sweet. The cat was