New Video

hey all, i made my first real unicycle video today. it’s pretty lame i know but it’s the best i can do. I’ve been riding for 3 and a half weeks, is how i’m going now pretty good or am i a pretty slow learner? Tell me what you think of it please.

Dodgey Video


Thats great for only riding for 3 and a half week!

It doesn seem like with the way your riding, a 20-inch uni would be better. I liked how you stacked those objects to keep jumping, im sure you could hop over 5 with a little more practice, or did you get to 6, I couldnt really tell that well. You can probably start hopping up steps now, and keep going up them, or try jumping up 2 steps at once.

Kepp up the great riding!

that was good for how long you have been riding

I can just see that in a couple weeks longer you are going to be wanting a splined hub. :slight_smile: