New Video

Well, it’s finally getting nice here, so i thought i’d toss together a small vid of today’s ride. i hope you enjoy.

my video

-Ryan Atkins

p.s. on a side note… it was about -5 Celcius, so for all of those that say the creepy crawler is no good in the cold… it seems fine

im downloading it right now =p cant wait to see it lol

Extremely rightous, Ryan.

I’m seeing a lot less setup hops, good work.


sexy, very sexy

That was a great vid, new lines in some old spots i see =p

nice, very nice ryan, i like the big sidehops and the smooth lines you ride. maybe spring comes in the next weeks here in germany too…


I didn’t know you could get less than what he uses :wink:

Atkins is god :smiley:

I’m so happy about those cool starter bails!!!
Otherwise you really would be GOD on one wheel!!!
Thanx for sharing this moments, the year couldn’t possibly start better

This has got me pumped to go riding again… Some really cool lines there, in old spots. Makes me want to go look at my old spots again, to see if I can find some new lines. Thanks!

Balance courrage and fitness

I was loocking at this fit of courage skill and fitness with ough.:slight_smile:
What was fascinating too …TOTAL OBLIVION…of HUMANOIDS around.:wink:

i’m gona have to make me one of these quick “a day in the life of…” vids.

Ryan doesn’t seem to mind heights, those are some scary lines! Cute cameragirl too :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t agree more.

swwet…is that just in downtown t.o.?

i liked the line at the end the best.

that was so sweet.

awsum dude, u got skills

I might be wrong, but I believe that its downtown ottawa. One of the buildings looked a lot like the unicenter at U of O.

Yeah, im right. I just watched it again and saw a OC Transpo (ottawa carleton) bus. :slight_smile:

Nice riding. Crazy riding :astonished: .

oh ok

Another great one man. Keep up the good work.
I always like to watch your vids.


P.S. I think im going on the Ryan Atkins Diet. Ha.

helllllllaaaaaaaa tiiighhhht