New video

Hi all just got this video put togeva its fairly basic stuff but ive only just started trials. let me no what you think

Ps neva tried adding a video or doing one of these util yesterday so it probably hasnt worked

Is this the same video u gave amanda the link to? bah at trials. i might bring my trials to unimeet :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool didnt no u was comin. Yeh it is same video cos not many people replied last nite and as you can see im having so much better luck this time lol.
n yeh u shud bring trials cos theres a sk8 park rite next to it that we end up going to.

I dont think ive been to this venue before, been to exeter and that other place tiverton. yeh im coming with Roger although I only live in Bristol. I might aswell bring it, hope it doesnt rain.


Of course it’ll rain - it’s Devon :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeh I forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

lol my thoughts exactly

Hey… the guy in the song… I recognise his voice from the track “What is he thinking” in the Street’s second album…

S’that right?

I thought the song was by dizzy rascal…


yeh it cud be i fink he’s called sway but the track is done by roll deep there both london rappers so they sound similar
neways wat u think of the video

I only saw half of it because my computer wont play more than half. I prefer freestyle, i liked ur freestyle bits

what beautiful skate parks everyone goes too. all we have here in phoenix is out door concreat parks. they get very hot. anyways. you remind me on me. we are almost exactly the same accept one thing. i cant standup wheel walk.

good job.

I dont know any skate parks near me that are indoors, All the ones around bristol are pretty bad to be honest.