new video

i made a new video tonight its 2 minutes long 27 MB poor quality cheap digital camera

dude, 27MB for 2 minutes of footage! I havent downloaded it yet, because i have a cruddy internet connection, ill download it soon asap :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. What Modest Mouse album was that from?

That was ok, don’t put everything in slow motion though. I think a good rule for slow mo would be to only use it when its a big trick or if its techy and hard to see what actually happended, I’m sure most people don’t care to watch a side mount in slow motion. Make some more though:)

Pretty cool stuff. I’d like to see you riding with a higher quality camera and better lighting, just to improve the viewing enjoyment.

im in the prosee of getting a nice camra and have all my riding the side mount in slow mow was to make sure of somthing for me and forgot to take it out but soon i should have my grinds filemd and all my other stuff hopfully soon