New video.

I have been kinda bored so I decided to make a video of myself. I kinda went overboard on the crankflips so if you don’t like seeing them don’t watch it. Even though the song used was in Defect, i thought i would use it anyways. I liked it and if you don’t tough. HA. Have fun watching. Tell me what you like and dislike about it. Peace,

P.S. It doesnt even come close to Shauns Syko vid. HA.

Thats awesome kelly. I really liked the flip off the skinny:) Your flips and unispins are nice.

Thanks Spencer. I decided to change the song just so everyone would have something new to listen to other than The View off of Defect.


wow kelly man that was nice. really good stuff. the grinds, 360 unispins and everything was great. good riding man keep that bs up. one of the best vids ive seen on here in a while.

nicely done… thats like the third cool video ive watched today


nice. Crankflip offa the skinny was cool.
how does one actually execute a crankflip? it has always confused me… i just don’t get how it works…

Man, that vid was rad. The 180 flips surprised me. And dude, I didn’t know you could seat drag. WTH. hahaha. It was funny. Right on. But no hickflips. COME ON!!! Dude, you’re not putting out. lol. Rad again man. laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Camera getting hit with the uni, NICE!

Yeah I notice that I didn’t have any hickflips…In my next vid ill put some in there.


now thats how u break a camera… haha nice vid men

how long did it take you tuh land yer first 360 unispin? i wanna land one really bad. 180 unispins arent really impressive to me anymore.

maybe I can hlep with that… I learned 180 unispins really fast… 360 unispins arent really heard either they are just more scary… i took me 1 day to learn 360 unispins and 1 day to learn 180s… so Id tell you if you try really ahrd in 1-2 days you could get them down… just spin it and try and get your feet back to the crnaks at the begining…just dont be scared and youll get it… the hard part is spinning it nice

Whats a hickfliP?

Nice song Ordinary peoples is off the lo lo.

yea wut is one

The link won’t work for me.

Takes me to a gallery error.



me either

this is the link to his gallery.

Yeah i changed the first vid so the first link doesn’t work. A hickflip is a 180 unispin with a crankflip.

My first 360 unispin i landed was a long time ago but I landed my first blind(to the side you dont usally spin it to) 360 unispin yesterday. One of the clips towards the end is a 360 unispin and then a blind 360 unispin.