New Video.

G’Day all,

I did a lil filming and tossed together this video, its nothing amazing, just some gliding and stuff, so if your bored midlessly serching these pages, take some time and watch my new video.

also, if anybody has a problem with Elvis, LEAVE.



oh and its still uploading, but its gona be at this location in aobut 7 min, oh and its called soemting like “movie022.wmv” or soemting, youl find it, im sure you will, i have faith in you! its also the last one.

cool movie. The Uni to the Max one thats pretty good to its by leeman 180

That was cool, i like the muni gliding:D What happened to the summit frame? and if those pedals arent bent, i want them back.

I need shims before i use the summit frame again, yes, the muni giliding was fun, and if the pedals arnt bent, im keeping them

Why did you slow down a 180 unispin?

Cuz they are insanley hard for me