New Video

Alright Folks!

For anyone that wants to watch it, I’ve put a new video in the gallery.

It’s at:

And it’s called “Pollock”. It is 7.5MB. It is 6 minutes long so it’s compressed quite a bit, but still very watchable!

It is from sunday just past when Pebbles and I went to Pollock Country Park, our local muni spot.

Give it a watch and tell us what you think, if you like.


If you do go for a look, please ignore “Pollock better quality” as it didn’t upload proplerly.

Sorry about that.

The first file “Pollock” works fine tho!



Nice vid. Maybe it’s a real sign of my intellectual level, but the last scene got me giggling. I was impressed with the mud ride after the lame b*ker trashed his boot. All the walls were great, and the camera angle that ended up (almost) upside-down was cool, too. How far down was the penalty on the gap between those two walls of different heights? Looked like you could’ve ended up doing some wingless flight there.

Thanks for the video!


Do you mean how far would you fall if you fell? It was about 10foot I think. Those walls are good cos you can make your own gap, do whatever distance you want to try, a few times we just jumped straight over the wee-er wall too, but the light was rubbish in those shots.

I couldn’t resist putting that last scene on!

Cheers for watching/commenting!


Cough, No Helmets?

now you see here, i like unicycling videos, and i like metallica, but they make an awful couple, but other than that really nice video


who needs em? i never wear.

also real nice guys. i liked the whole thing. keep it up.

Well, if it wasnt for helmets my skull would be shattered.


I have just watched your video Evan; you seem to ride with out a helmet quite a lot as well.


Hey now, i posted a reason for not having it on!:smiley:

Thanks for all your comments people!

I have read other posts of yours and see that you also listen to the candy-rock-tastic “shit-knot”, so we’ll discount your musical opinion. Cheers for liking the video tho!

Evan Byrne:
Ya wee thread-title stealing swine! (joke!) I just watched your latest video, nice gliding, where’s the helmet you preach about?

Everybody else:
Cheers again for watching!