New Video...

hey everyone,

Thought i’d go for a ride the other day and work in my new 24"

tell me what you think ( editing, music, and the riding) its not top notch but i dont think id go all out for an online vid;)

anyways ttyl,


that was really good, I loved the footplant » frame spin, or whatever you might call it… you should try getting that faster/smoother, then it’d look totally brilliant. Even more than it does now…

your ridin is sooooooooo sexy lol good job your ridin makes me whant to ride

i think that dan heaton, and tony melton call that trick a seat whip

nice video

Nice job, Justin… you have come a loooong ways in the last couple of years!

Dude awsome videos i looked at some of you others too and i like all your plants.




Nice moves.

What is your new uni,anyway?