new video...

hey i just made a new video check it out

windows media and DivX required


That is some killer riding. I love it. Very well edited.

Cept the music wasn’t “Renegades of Funk” by RATM, it was
Guerrilla Radio" by RATM.

hahah aw crap!

i was listening to renegades of funk while i was editing then i had guerilla radio in the video,hahah man thats dumb

SO IGNORE THE MUSIC CREDITS. lol:p :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the best videos I’ve seen in a while…amazing riding. I loved the rolling hop to bike rack line. I couldn’t quite see because of the effect you put on the clip and the quality but did you ride UP those stairs? Nice rail ride too.

Excellent riding! Any chance of a higher resolution version?


i have a higher quality but it has clips in it that know one can see cause there TOP SECRET but i can try and make another one, when i compressed it i was like :astonished: its like 1.78 megs haha i didnt realize it goes that small.

i can try and make a different one, but the stairs were just a fancy effect haha i actually rode down them backwards

isnt it tricky!


Yeah with the low frame rate it’s hard to tell that they were ridden backwards.


im the same… but you can totally tell you use premier, probably 6.5

where they all necessary? the color passes and spherizes?

anyways man… cool riding, yeah bust out on the 24" and back foot grinding… represent

im gettin my 26" fixed very soon now.

what are you saving your good stuff for?

oh the footage i cant show is for dans new movie. and the shpere things werent really necessary but its kinda fun lol

usually i just focus on riding with some music this time i editied it a bit more.