New video

Hallo everyone, i’ve been riding together with Wim for a while now. So here’s our newest vid, also my first one ^^.

Enjoy! Leaving a comment would be nice :).

very nice vid :slight_smile:
and nice bails in it :wink:

do your wrist hurt,you take all your falls onto your wrist

Didn’t hurt that much :P.

This video is great. I loved it, the street, the trials. Keep it up:)

cool vid:D

looks like a nice area to ride.

I’m the other guy:D
and it’s not a that nice area…

haha nice video, when I started watching you guys were just jumping up small things and I was thinking, these guys aren’t that much better then me and my friends then all of a sudden you almost pull off a 540 unispin then I said never mind.

hahah, i loved the crank flip/roll up the 2 set. Nice set bail too.

haha great vid… the bails look pretty painful though.

nice video! keep it up.

Thanks for your comments, a bit more feedback would be nice :).

I like the seat drag down the stairs!