New Video

Me and Eli Brill made this video at my house… Enjoy!

Wrong forum? But enjoyed it none the less.

So this isn’t a good year for snow over there either then?

we had like one good snow storm thats about it

No i got really close to one though im gonna practice them tommorrow…I have treyflips down my 2 set consistant so i have them in my next video probably down a 3 set though

How old are you guys? I really liked the combination of tricks. I particularly liked the 180unispin to late crankflip, looked realy good.

Im 14 and Eli is 13 and the 1 spin to late crankflip is called a kickflip its awesome, he can do them like nothing and not many people can do them

more like street elves!!! awww, i kidd, i kidd. sick vid, you guys are pretty techy for your ages. Nice vid

lol thats a good one we should of named it that…Thanks we should of had better stuff in it but it was really cold and it felt like our hands would fall off lol

So a crankflip is a normal rotation of the cranks when your feet leave them, and a kickflip is like a late crankflip? That makes sense to me, but is that right?!

I think you guys are doing so well for your ages. Keep it up and you’ll be the guys that are sponsored and everyone looks upto!

Thanks we hope one day…No a late crankflip is a lateflip and you talking about the trick he does when he 180 unispins and kicks the tire and the cranks rotate?

Hey, thanks for posting this pat. We have to start making more videos.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes we need to get better known

good stuff, you should post in the vid forum because it drops the page really fast in rsu and some people will miss it, I almost did.

yea i know i forgot im an idiot lol


:D:D:DLol. That is very funny, nice biffs too…:smiley:

nah, its cool, the original purpose of the video forum was to dual post threads in RSU and VIDEOS, at least it seemed that way at first.

I’m going to put it in Uni Videos now.