new video :)

here´s my new unicycle video :
i would like to know what do you think about it…(i ride trial unicycle since April 08)
thanks for comments and feedback in advance!!!:slight_smile:

K yeah, I love you. The editing was a little too flashy for my taste in some parts but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

Good riding in all areas. How old are you?

i´m 14 :slight_smile:

wow nice Riding!

Unbelievable for 2 months of riding. Still stands are crazy and that rail you rode. I’ve been riding for a year and your almost as good as me. Good job.

P.S. I’m not hitting on you

good vid
but don’t edit stillstands to make us believe you did it three times longer than the normal one…

– bobousse

i havent edit it…i know it looks like the camera had made there anything crazy…and the stillstand was a little shorter but only a little…the camera hasnt filmed the whole stillstand…it has made the one scene triple(because of this in the beginning of the video when i grind the rail its so strange i had only edited the color :smiley:

awesome :smiley:

Really nice job, especially for the amount of time riding. Its good to see some other girls doing street.Have you worked on crankflips any?

Wow, that is some great unicycling >< I have had my KH for about a month and a ebay uni prior to that. I Can jump about 30cms and can 1 foot quiet nicely now. Ill have to practice some skinnies! 2 things

  1. Your hot ><
  2. you awesome at street and going to get good. XD

What uni is that ?

@ gotJinks: i tried to do crankflips but the first and the second try were very painful :smiley: and so i thought i can learn it after the unicon :slight_smile:

the uni is a qu-ax uni :

sophia are you going to unicon 2010? in NZ if so Ill see you there :smiley:

Didn’t realise it was a QU-AX anyhow, keep up the good work.

i hope that i can go on the unicon 2010…because new zealand is so far away from germany,but when my parents give me the money i´ll be there :smiley:
when i ´ll be this unicon as good as the last i think my parents would allow it :slight_smile:

Try doing 180’s out of your grinds, their easy and look cool. You should hit that 4 stair again too

Nice riding though. You got an awesome skatpark to practice at. It says you’ve been riding your trials unicycle for a few months now, but how long have you been riding total?

i think nearly eight years…but the first two years i could only ride it and i did´nt practised it very often…

So you have just started riding street and trials?
Still your realy good for however long you have been riding :smiley:

its a really good vid, good tricks and stuff, if i were you though i wouldnt do that colour change thing, it can be quite annoying. i dont know, but maybe speed up the grinds so its more ‘action’?

a little long and too much editing as far as transitions go, but it is a great vid nonetheless.

good riding, keep it up!

Woo(somewhat), NOFX

That was awesome! You have really good drinding and stand still/skinny skills. I wish I could convince some more girls around me to even like uni!