new video with some sif

i just made a new video there is some SIF at the end i can get up 3 pallets sif and almost 14" the bumper on the back of the seat really rubs against my legs though so any tips will be usefull!

nice vid i like it when u were ridin ur uni past the camera then u got a scooter, skateboard and road uni lol. It also inspired me to make a random vid showing some kool stuff. Good Job! :smiley:

yea i wanted to make a video diffrent then my others. i thought people would like something a little diffrent

cool new video, you still tend to cut most of your body out of the shots though.

About the seat rubbing against the legs thing I have a nimbus isis and I find the same thing but from my experience kris holms dont rub as much.

the solution I find is to sow a piece of foam underneith your pants or something (old pants) and it stops the seat rubbing.

Or just get better at SIF so that you can hold the back of the seat away from your legs and it doesn’t rub… haha it really is all about practice with that…

True… but I think SI looks way cooler any way

I don’t really get bothered by seat rubbing anymore. It goes away with time.

o yeah and great vid

thanks alot!