New Video - Winter Wonder Wheel

Over the past few days we have gotten at least 3 feet of the fun powder. We got most of it on the second day, and near the end, it turned into Ice. I filmed a ton of powerslides and flops into the snow, and slapped together a video just to show what it is like. And I put some crazy Japanese Jpop/punk on it to make it soud cool. Not the best riding in this vid(No traction on the pedals or ground), but alot of fun shots of me messing around. Enjoy:

Winter Wonder Wheel (12.5mb)

P.S. Oh and like I promised, I put some fire in there too.

Re: New Video - Winter Wonder Wheel

That’s a nice video you got there. Very nicelly edited.

Mmm fire’s good.

nice video and yes fire does rock


Nice, snow looks so soft to fall in!


nice credits:)

snow riding looks a lot of fun.

Hey Catboy, great stuff!

Nicely put together vid with some good snow riding! :slight_smile:

I havnt had snow yet… and its looking more and more unlikely that i’ll get any this year! :frowning:

P.S. love the music, and fire!



Thanks. I really enjoyed that!

Good job.

Snowriding rules!
Only i can’t do those slides, i have studs. :smiley:

If i had a camera i’ld show who’s the man, when i’m going to the hockey arena! :smiley:

the movie was good, but dude! you haven’t much snow to come with! That was very little snow.

and lleberg, har du msn ?