New Video: "Who's on Trials?"

For a while now I’ve wanted to put together a little fun video skit based on the famous Abbott & Costello routine, “Who’s on first”, but modified for Unicycling! (Some of the younger members may not be familiar with A&C, but I bet a lot of you are!:p)

So I changed the theme from baseball to unicycling, and then tried to find a buddy to act out one of the parts, but didn’t have any luck, so I decided to try an “Eddie Murphy-Nutty Professor” thing and do BOTH parts!

It was really challenging switching characters, changing clothes and setting/re-setting the camera, etc! Turns out the comedy “timing”-in this case-is partly in the editing! :sunglasses:

Hope you enjoy and post your comments please!:slight_smile:

Never heard of them but i liked it. All your new vids are really good.

Haha that was pretty funny. I liked it.:slight_smile:

You keep outdoing yourself! And this time you weren’t even riding!

:slight_smile: It was great.

Ok Tunkie, here’s the ORIGINAL and WORLD FAMOUS Abbott & Costello routine (this routine is in the basesball hall of fame!) In their day (1940’s-1950’s) they were the most popular comedy team on the planet, and also the buggest film box office stars! Check this out:

As you’ll see, they were MASTERS at timing, and of course I can’t hold a candle to them. They were comedy GODS! Still hilarious after 50 years!

PS: I also shortened my version by a lot.

That was really funny I liked it.

Lol I remember hearing my dad tell this when I was lil. great stuff Terry!

YAY i LOVE abbot and costello!!!

who has time to make all these videos? Or is it what? I dont give a rats ass, they’re great!

Terry, great job on that skit. You must spend an awful lot of time talking to yourself, because your timing was terrific. That must have taken you quite awhile to put together. Again, nice job, waiting for your next video.

Great chuckle to start the day! It amazes me that teens of today have not heard of guys like these. Many don’t even know who the Beatles were!

Hmmm, the Beatles? Weren’t they the backup band for Paul McCartney?:wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile: Yeah I had to do a few test runs to get the camera angles right. The first full run-through I just performed each part separately,all the lines from abbott in a row, then all the costello lines in a row, then after uploading the video to MM, I had to rearrange then splice all the clips together, one by one.

The final take though I just did the whole routine in order; I’d do one line, then jump up, change, reset the camera and do the other part. This was repeated what seemed like at least FIFTY times!

hah, in my theater class at school me and my friend are doing “whos on first”

Yeah that’s a classic! get it on video and post it!:smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
That was really funny. Your’s was a good length, the original was a bit long.

I first saw the original at my grandparents’ when I was like 8. We’d watch all of their movies together. Hillarious:) If we had a VCR then I probably would’ve recorded it and watched it a few dousen times in a row:D

The end was the best part!! You were like “He’s in our coker competition” Then lifted your helmet and did your “eeeeeee” thingy.
But man, that was sooo great.
I seriously loved it.
You should have done it with your ventriliquist dolls though.

That’s sooooo funny you mention that, as I as going to do just that! Maybe if I get enough pp requesting it, I’ll do a better, snappier version with one of my dummies!:smiley: But I will tell ya, it’s hard enough to pull off that routine well, but ten time harder when you have to do both parts live without the benefit of editing. It has to be done in one take, all the way through…and then of course, the dummies movements and lip control, plus being able to switch voices rapidly is a challenge! But I could give it a go! It’s raining today so I can’t ride.

haha that was an excellent re-enactment, I liked it…haha

Or how about with you (the manager), and the dummy.