New Video Watch it

Hi all

Done a new video its sort of old and new stuff there would be more new stuff but my uni fell apart lol

Let me no what you think critiscm or not

Cheers Lucas

PS the one im reffering to is the one called can’t touch this

I will do when it finishes downloading, lucas i did 53 metres coasting yesterday night :wink:

it was ok but you gotta get some new stuf…the last minute and a half of it was just coppied over from your other movies…but it was still pretty good

oooh la de dar lol well done

I have not practiced much today bit of hand ww and trying to learn some completely new trick that no ones ever seen but I have not yet thought of it lol

that last comment was too trev

to trials uni guy yeh i no ur not the first to hav told me but its winter and I get hardly any practice in let alone filming time
any way thanks

just cuz you film doesnt mean you have to post it…there are some vids that you can find that are compiled over weeks maybe months…just save up all your films and do a big compliation when you have new stuff after it gets warmer…that waht im doin.

ok point taken i did say it was partly old partly new and dont forget not many people have actually seen my vids so they wont no whats new and whats been used before

ahh ic well then godspeed. your still better thanme.

lol i been doing it ages since i was like 5 so for the time weve been doing it your probably doing alot bettr than me but you dont progress much when your young

I’d like to apologize to the OP of the thread for jacking it but it is in your defense. Trials_uni, I think it would be nice to tone it a down a bit, your attitude might offend some people, especially after reading this post, and the one in response to terry’s moab question you sort of seem to be subtly attacking quite a few people. Be happy :slight_smile:

Nah, I disagree, I say between the ages of about 10 and 18 you advance a LOT faster than most other people. Thats not to say someone older can’t learn stuff fast, but in relative terms the younger you are, the faster you get the basics and pick up new skills. I’d have liked to see you do trials at SWUM, but the stupid janitor stopped us from riding outside, so I never got the chance. I’m going to try and get to the next London trials weekend (whenever its organised) tho, so hopefully I’ll see you there.


im not attacking anyone and quite frankly im appaled that you would say that. he asked for criticism and i gave it to him and as for terry i was just asking about all his questions so sorry for being helpful and inquisitive

almsot puked cauz of the filming ! WTH IS WRONG WITH UR FILMER ? I actaully dint even feel like watching it all cauz the bad filming was over pissing me off

max we can always count on you for the nicest posts lol

I said subtly attacking, as in your criticisms are a bit harsh, its not a huge deal I was just saying you might want to think about some of the things you say. I’m definitely not saying you havnt been helpful, that newbie guide you made should help with quite a few questions people have and the majority of your posts are beneficial.

oh well in that case thank you and sorry for any posts which havent been at all helpful.

orite guys
every one calm down I’m not really fussed about what trials uni guy said because it wasnt exactly critical to my unicycling,

As for the filming comment your probably right but don’t forget were only kids

And referring to the thing about improving between 10 - 18 i agree I was talking more like 5- 10 and that is when it does take a long time to learn tricks and your less detemined

On the comment of filming

actually no I’ve changed my mind on the comment of filming it might not have been the best but blimey u could at least comment on the unicycling, the filming was done my 11 year old sister and my mum and some bits by a mate, lay off it a bit until you show me any evidence that your steven spielberg

i told you the uni is excelent. your pretty good. much better than me. and i got a question…you said your uni broke. how so?

Lucas i thought you lived in London??

Any way yea i remember your little sis from SWUM.

Sorry this post had no relevance but…