New Video: Wammy wa

Here’s my new video Enjoy.

The guy I had film it is great at filming, and fun to ride with.

Sweet video, man!

I liked the “halfway up the ramp tire grab with feet off” move.

The cameraman is indeed good at filming.

Also, the “wheel” walking was cool. Have you tried doing it backwards? Tricky, but do-able.

Nice one.


nice video! I agree, the filming was great.

It wasn’t that hard. The trick is to just go really fast at the ramp.

Great movie!
I enjoid watching!!!:slight_smile:

That was nice. And was that a backside tire grab? Those are hard.

And the camera man was good, I wish I had someone like that to film me. :slight_smile: Or I could film myself. Or something.

i havnt watched the whole thing but the guy that in the begining is all “i rule” i have the same shirt as him the red then grayish collard shirt i wore it yesturday…lol

That’s me. It’s a nice shirt.

It was a backside tire grab shifty. I don’t think they are hard at all, I land them every time.
I’m depressed though, the guy that filmed it for me is going on tour for like a year with a christian BMX team. I can’t go back to low quality video now. :slight_smile:

those cranks look extremely long… how long are they?
anyway, sweet vid… keep them commin

Hmm, it hurts my back to reach back that far, and at that angle.

Well darn, I guess you’ll have to get him to film you a whole bunch all at once before he leaves. :roll_eyes:

the filming was really really good! great riding too. trying to ride on the big wood circly things looks like fun!


That was cool. Why no BCing? I saw it in the corner of one of the shots:) That skatepark looks nice for some bc wheeling.

I have that exact problem, I talked one of my friends into filming some stuff of me but we haven’t done it yet.

nice vid…thats was great once again you have rpoven yourself to be better than me!

i totally agree, mine has treated me well

I’m still no good at it yet. I can hardly ride, much less do anything cool enough to warrant being in a vid