[LEFT]I wanted to just share this video with the forum. Yesterday (Thurs.) me and my friends Perry and David were on our way (100+miles!) to Ojai, CA, to ride muni with Evan Bryne and his friends. Traffic was so bad- (what else is new?) –probably, in part, because of the start of the holiday, that we had to cancel. (Evan if you’re reading this we’ll be riding “Devil’s Slide” this Sunday, so if you could join us that would be great! Not sure yet what time we’re starting but it will prolly be around 4-ish.) [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Anyway we ended up going to Venice Beach to do some fun riding, and basically bounce around on whatever various “street furniture” we could find there along the beach boardwalk. Lots of UPDs and stuff, plus a little fun “homage” to the great Alfred Hitchcock (sorry I couldn’t find the exact hitch music, but it still works!) Then it was off to a local park for some “king of the mountain” and other fun stuff. Perry and especially David are pretty new to this kind of uni-ing, but they are learning by leaps and bounds soooo fast! So really this is just a way to track their progress and show how much FUN we’re having in the process![/LEFT]


to download:

good video terry, you’re just pumping them out!

thanks. I just uploaded a better version to my gallery…I tried to change your above link to go to the new version, but it didn’t work.

New better version: [B][/B]

i watched the first one yesterday, i really liked it

That reminds me of Jess Riegal’s Venice Beach Unicycing. Some of the lines are even the same. Cool vid.

Oh yeah! I remember that one. He grinded the same rail…only waaaay better! (It’s harder on a 24"?) We had fun!:stuck_out_tongue:

He also did that line that you crank grabbed all the way up.

Grinding has its advantages on a 24, like you don’t have to hop as high. I don’t grind much on my muni (like never) so I don’t know too much.

Hey me and those guys in the video want to come up to MM soon to ride “Tatsu” and bring our munis in case we find some spots out there to bounce around on. Last time I was out that way there semed to be lots of rocky terrain just off the freeway.

Nice, Tatsu is really fun. If you will be riding for a while then call me and I will come ride if If I can get a ride (its only like 15 minutes away).

I will PM you my cell number.

That would be cool! We can always come pick you up. Perry’s mom will likely come also.

Nice fun video, Terry!

A bit of warning. This weekend, it’s supposed to be over 100 degrees in the Devil’s slide part of the Valley. I would advise caution for a late afternoon ride.

Good luck.

The video was working pretty slowly on my computer, so I’ll assume it was the same level of good-ness it always is…

Serious question: Do you have a job?

Oh yeah thanks Rod! We plan on getting there after 4 when the sun is not at its worst.

Ha ha! Yes as a matter of fact I do. I own my piano tuning & repair service, but I’m taking some time off this week because it’s always slow just before labor day, but then picks up again right after. So I’m packin’ in as much riding as I can in the mean time!:smiley:

that was the first thing that came to my mind when he did the grind. i liked it when you were riding around the clown

Looks like fun! But I would NEVER abandon a pizza, the worlds most perfect food.

that one a good one terry. u guys have gotten so much better sence u strated.

HA! And that was surprisingly GOOD pizza! I would go back just for that! HUGE slice like 2-3 times the average size for $2. Actually, we were throwing pieces of crust to the seagulls and that’s why there were so many around us!:smiley: