New Video: Uni-Geezer "Rasing the Bar"

I really hope you enjoy this one, as it will likely be my last, at least for some time. I crammed quite a bit into this one, including my “less-than-successful” ride through a local store, (See pic below!) and then I got the third degree from a cop at the beach for being in a dangerous area! :sunglasses: “I take it you didn’t see the no-trespassing sign?”

Then there’s some riding and tricks I do for the first time, and even a quickie little conversation with my wooden friend, “Jack Squat!” :stuck_out_tongue:

But watch for something really cool AFTER the credits! The “older” gentleman who helped me with this bit was great! The locals refer to him as, “The Captain”. "One of us, ONE OF US! :astonished: haha!:smiley:

You have ALL been so gracious and complimentary all along the way, and it has served as great inspiration to me to keep going and bring you these videos! I think if there’s any one thing I try to put forth in these vids is a sense of fun, and not to take things too seriously. Thanks again to all of you!



i liked it !

Haha, the end made me laugh. You should get together with Cody and ride through stores together, you both seem to really like doing that.


really fun man!
your videos keep going very good and with a nice sense of humor

how do you get that theater ticket?

My guess is that he asked nicely to get one printed or he photoshoped it.

Nice video, funny as always.

last movie:(!

liked it though, keep it up. Pisses me off that u learned unispins first!:slight_smile:

So…how were the pancakes?

Nice video, sucks you got caught in bed, bath and beyond. Oh well, can’t win them all. I look forward to see more of the uni-geezer. Keep em coming!!

Haha I went to google images, found the one I liked, copied it to print artist then added the title, printed it out. Here’s the orig. Think it’s 4th image on the top right:

Excellent video sir… I too am sad at the comment that there won’t be any more for a while…

Hope the ol’ tail bone is doing well…


Great video. And excellent music. Sultans of swing… I love Dire Straits.

And it was cool in the shop. I wish you’d shown more of your way, though.

very nice.
you finally got caught.
i like your unispins. they remind me of mine when i first started landing them. more of a 150 degree unispin with a body twist. but mine was about a 120 degree unispin with a 60 degree twist. then i learned 360’s and i got it down right.
why will it be your last?

You looked so happy to get kicked out of the store… as if that was your goal and you finally accomplished it. :wink: !

I love the opening. Near the Chinese? Korean? building. Where was that anyway?


Okay, this time I’m a convert…just in time to hear you say you’re cutting back. Damn! That was a really nice vid. Great to see how quickly you’re tacking on new skills like the spins, bigger hops. The control you had prior to that failed grab attempt on the pallet stack was excellent. You should go watch some of your early stuff to see how far/quick you’ve progressed.

Oh, and since we’re on the subject of old guys acting young, I need to say you’ve got some mad skilzz with that wooden dummy.

I’m a jealous geezer. Maybe after September I’ll start setting some time aside to learn something on the unicycle besides how to pedal pedal pedal for miles without stopping.


The last part was funny :smiley: Do you eat pancakes at midnight?

Say it ain’t so, Terry! Last video for a while? As I’ve said before, it always brightens my day to see a new Uni-Geezer video posted, but I understand if you want to take a break. I’m looking forward to the next one whenever it comes and seeing how much you’ve improved. Hopefully I’ve improved just as much, though I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up to you.

I really liked the footage in front of that pagoda and on that rocky area by the ocean. Also, nice comment by the security guy, “We’re gettin’ tired of fishing bodies outta here.” Doesn’t he know unicycles float?

Quick idea for the next video when it comes…how about riding with Jack Squat as your co-pilot? That would be a feat. He could do the talking when you get caught in the stores. People would really think you were nuts then.

So, take care and see you in the future.

I like the ‘one of us’ ending :slight_smile:
And your body wrap trick at the beginning.
And the temple… photogenic.

Whats up?

Brilliant, once again.

How’d you manage to get the camera back on after he caught your “red light?” :D.

Well, It’s safe to say you make some of the best videos on this forum. Even if It’s not all riding, there so fun to watch. Ill be looking forward to another, as always.

that was funny…
riding in stores is always fun…
but dang.u dont look 51…

Haha, yeah my plan was to get kicked out! I just thought it would be funny to get the mgr to yell at me! The theatre was a local AMC.

It was on all the time…I only said it was on “pause”. :slight_smile: