New Video: Uni Geezer: "Older & 'Boulder'!"

Just one of those days! From a DOZEN upd’s trying to roll off the same big-ass boulder, to accidentally knocking over (and breaking!) my camcorder, it just wasn’t my day, but darn it I tried haha! :o

So only a little footage survives from my “Coker MUni” at Devil’s Slide, which is seen in this video, plus a few other bits & pieces. Now that I have a new 3ccd camcorder, I’ll be back–but I’ll be way more careful next time!

Watch past the credits for a shout out from the OC uni club! :smiley:

im sorry but i dont enjoy watching muni and trials on a 36er. :roll_eyes:

Haha then don’t watch! :roll_eyes: Coker Muni is just slower moving than normal trials… but then so am I! kinda :slight_smile:

I guess but i wanted to see some stuff of your Quax trials or KH20?

he sold the original claimer the Quax, remember?

and the KH trials he picked up for me i just didnt have a way of getting it, so Terry was kind and awsome enough to pick it up for me

but if u dont like coker muni, then just dont watch it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have either the Quax trials or KH20, besides 24 & 36 MUni is my thing mostly, not trials on a 19". But doing this stuff on a 36er is very challenging and some of it is far more difficult to do vs a 19" trials. The kickup mount I did on it comes to mind! :sunglasses:

I know he sold it it to the claimer but Did he film all in one day? I just didnt know?

Well this video was filmed well after both trials unis were sold.

Hmmm ok. So then he is going to buy that uni for sure Terry?

He’s 90% and like I PM’d you earlier, we’ll have to wait a while to know for sure since his Mom has to make the money decision.

sure sounds good Terry thanks.

Terry, I liked the 24 inch trials at the end the best.:slight_smile:

What 3ccd camera do u have now?

Good Vid! I think you could have gone across all four boxes though:)

Yeah that was my plan, but once I was up there looking at the next box, it had such a small landing area if I missed or slipped…well let’s just say I don’t have health insurance yet! I felt I should quit while I was a head haha! Plus, half century year-old bones don’t heal like they used to!:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a panasonic PV-GS320. Really great quality video and 3.2 MP stills. Great little camcorder:

If I could start this thread over again, I would’ve prolly just used this little tiny clip; it’s my favorite of the whole video 'cause it’s something you don’t see a lot, or at all! Plus it gave the the chance to use a bit of Neil Young’s song, which is oddly fitting for me!:slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :sunglasses: :p:D:o

That is the same camera that I have:)

I really like it and I am almost done making my first movie with it. It should be out this weekend… hopefully

Yeah and I’m giving him a great deal; 90 days no interest. Then I send Guido and Carmine to pay him a visit haha!:wink:

Video was pretty good not your best but the song OMG I love Crazy train its soo good