New Video: Uni Geezer: me on 36er vs elite runner 1/4 mile track!

I raced an elite sprinter 'round a 1/4 mile track on my 36er! Unfortunately, we didn’t do a “running/rolling” start, so he got a good 4-5 second jump on me while I was still mounting, getting my feet situated on the pedals, and getting up to speed!

But I still paced him all the way and GPS tracked us at 15.1 MPH, or about a 4 minute mile, or 22 fet per second! He finished the 1/4 mile in about 61 seconds, and I did about 64! I felt that I could have gone even faster, but I almost bailed off the front a couple times and I really didn’t want to fall lol!

What a rush! This guy was FAST and I just couldn’t catch him; I’ll have to try it again where we both start out at the same speed. Also, I know I would have won if we’d gone another lap haha! We were both breathing hard after that race!

No excuses from me but we really needed to have a better way to start; he stayed consistently about 3 seconds ahead of me right from the start, but what a blast! We would have been neck & neck with a good start! Hmm, I’ll have to get 110’s! :smiley:

aw I want to see what would of happened if it was a rolling start. Still good vid :slight_smile:

there are people who run faster than thatnot totaly elite…(ok, i really feel uncomfortable riding any faster than 15mph so ignore this post)

well done anywho…

i agree with TPBM, you should have pushed your limits!

I feel like you should have been able to close the gap a bit, or upd trying:p

Yeah it was a spur of the moment idea, so I went for it. We really just needed to start at the same speed, then I know I would have won; he got a solid 5 second jump, but I did gain 2 seconds–that’s why his friend clocked his winning by only 3 seconds! Still not bad for an old fart competing against a 19 year old in his prime haha!

That looks fun!

Every now and then I go to my track at my old highschool and ride 50 laps there. I pass everyone though. I should set up a race with someone soon.

But are the ppl you pass running at their max? I pass runners (and bikers) all the time on the beach bike path, but they’re not going all out like this guy! He told me there would have been NO WAY he could have kept that pace for another lap, that’s why we just did one! But I will do it again, but devise a better, more fair starting method, like a pace car deal.:smiley:

should be interesting…

A few runners will be going as fast as they can. I ride my coker around 20mph though on that track, so even beating some bikes wanting to race me is easy.

20 mph??? that’s amazing! what size cranks do you run? You also said that you do FIFTY laps! That would be 12.5 miles if it’s a 1/4 mile track…and you keep that same 20 mph speed for the whole 50 laps? I find that hard to fathom, but if it’s tru than Your a MONSTER man!:smiley:

hmm he might mean 20mph maximum, instead of average…you never know…

I ride 125s now, and I like them a lot.

50 laps take a while, but I bring my mp3 player, and that helps. I can ride at 20 for pretty good distance, like around 4-5 laps I can be right around 19/20mph.

On average I am anywhere from 14-16mph.

I havent rode my coker in a while though, so I need to get out there again and see if I can get going any faster. Might need to switch to 110s. lol

That would mean that he was doing more than 20 mph at times if it was an “average”. Like 18-22mph would be a 20mph average. I gotta think he’s running 110mm cranks at the most to maintain that speed, but then again, Jerrick is 33 years younger than me lol! Wait, that’s not a laughing matter…haha!:wink:

Do you have a cyclo-computer? I would be very impressed to see someone hit 20mph for even a few seconds. My max is still 18mph…and thats nearly falling over the front of the unicycle. What size cranks are you running?

Did I mention this was all done on the KH trials? :stuck_out_tongue: jk

lol im almost as fast as you–on my 24"!!

muh ha ha ha!

EDIT:50mm cranks… on me speed uni

125s. I have my seat up so the coker rides like a freetyle uni. Leggy pretty much straight on the downstroke.

I do have cycle-computer, with a dead battery. Its what I have been using though (before the battery died of course lol).

Ill try to get some pictures up once I get a new battery and get back on the track.

For track races at a convention you get to hold on to a pole to start. So you’re already mounted with both feet on the pedals when the start gun goes off. It’s still a standing start though rather than a rolling start.

From a standing start the race would be closer. The runner would have the advantage of being able to accelerate and get up to speed quicker. The unicyclist would have the advantage of having a slightly faster cruising speed. It’s just a matter of if the unicyclist can catch up and pass the runner after their faster start.

If you watch my vid you’ll see that i’m making about 2.5 full revoltuions per second; at least to me that’s pretty fast! I run 127’s at the moment, and I have hit almost 18 mph before with them, (and really felt like I was about to bail at any moment! :astonished: ) but today I just didn’t hit my max…next time! Maybe 110’s will give me some added speed…or maybe I’m just asking too much from this old body! I’m in good shape, but I’m not 25 anymore! :o

I thought it was on a BC! :roll_eyes: